Monday, January 25, 2010

USA trip. Day thirteen 08 January 2010. California

We met some weird, but lovely birds on the beach, this one was giving me a hug!

and this was Ma's new mate

Laguna Beach baby!

a post card worth shot!

Heidelberg Pastry, as seen many times in the show!

Surf and Sand, where "the Black and White Affair" episode was filmed

Dana Point Harbor - where Jaina lives - notice the fog coming in

Mazz, freaking out about the fog!

The Girls. Me, Mazz, Jaina and Ma @ Dana Point

The elevator from the car park to the sand

Mazz and I on the elevator to the beach - only in the OC!

pretending to be scared on the crazy roller coaster to the beach!

The sun setting over PCH

We ate at The Sugar Shack again - we so need a Sugar Shack in Mt Ev!

Ma was feeling a bit better today, but she's now given her germs to poor Dougie!
After breakfast we headed out to The Block on Orange County and shopped! Then we went to Laguna Beach and saw all sorts of stuff from the show! Shopped a little more and looked at the beach.
We then met up with Jaina at her house in Dana Point. Such a beautiful part of the world! Jaina has two awesome cats that run to the door when she drives in the driveway, and then spend the night chatting with her! After spending some time at Jainas, we looked at the harbor and then on to The Strand - Dana Point where there are the biggest houses you've ever seen being built. Theres even an elevator that takes you from the car park to the sand! Only in The OC!
Then we drove The PCH through Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Newport to Huntington Beach where we met up with Jainas son Dallas, his partner Roxy and his daughter Payton at Freds Mexican. Then we had a look around Huntington Beach before going for frozen yogurt - YUM!
And then, with only 2 days left, Mazz and I went psycho on make up! It's about 1 third of the price than it is at home, and I left that shop with a grocery bag bulging at the sides! I bought heaps of foundation and concealer and probably every pretty eye shadow, lip gloss, illuminator, blush and mascara possible! I bought good skin care, fake tan and good hair stuff as well! I have a life time supply now! I should be a make up artist because buying make up is pretty much my idea of heaven!

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