Wednesday, January 20, 2010

USA trip. Day three December 29th 2009. Washington, DC

Today we visited Arlington Cemetery where American service men and women are buried. JFK and Jackie O's graves are also there. We watched the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldiers.
It was quite possibly the coldest I have ever felt! There were many other things to see at the cemetery, but we decided to move on, so our next stop was the Pentagon. I couldn't take photos, for obvious reasons there are no cameras allowed at the Pentagon! But we saw the September 11 memorial which was so unbelievably sad.
We then caught the subway to Smithsonian which was a little bit of a stress... it has coloured lines rather than say the "Lilydale" line, so when we worked out what colour we needed to get back into town, and what platform we needed to be on, it was a piece of cake!
So, back to The Smithsonian, today we visited American History where the star spangled banner is kept - The American flag that inspired the National Anthem. Then we went the Natural History museum and saw the Hope diamond and lots of other beautiful jewels.
Mazz and I watched Paranormal Activity back at The Hilton and had room service for dinner - again!
America is friggen AWESOME!

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  1. Dang- it takes a tourist to show you the sights of the country that you live in. I really want to go to Washington DC when all of the cherry trees are in bloom. :) If I ever make it to Australia- I'm totally finding you to show me around!


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