Monday, January 25, 2010

USA trip. Day twelve 07 January 2010. California

The Grove
Farmers Market

lunch @ Farmers Market


Mazz getting her shop on on Melrose



Hollywood walk of fame

We started the day with breaky at The Sugar Shack - best breakfast so far! The Jaina picked us up at about 10 for a day of sight seeing and star hunting! We went to The Grove with no celebrities, but lots of shopping, next was The Farmers Market where we had crepes with half a tub of Nutella on them!

Next stop was a few hours shopping on Melrose Ave where I purchased my ruby red shoes! (one of my 32 things - see next entry!) along with some other awesome, one of a kind type dresses and tops, oh and a cute as little black romper that will look so awesome with my ruby red shoes! Then we drove through Hollywood seeing all the sites I've been dying to see, like the sign, Chateau Marmont, The Roosevelt hotel, The standard hotel, Beverly Hills, Sunset, Santa Monica and Hollywood Blvds, Rodeo Drive, Urth Cafe, and another cafe where we ate dinner, but I can't remember the name - but we did sit next to Elizabeth Berkley of Saved By the Bell fame! I know, fairly lame celebrity sighting, but one none the less!

When we left the cafe we learnt about LA's tough parking laws - we came out just in time to see two guys about to attach Jainas car to the back of a tow truck! We'd parked in a valet parking spot - Though the sign telling us was so was tiny, and about knee height, and we weren't parked in front of a hotel or restaurant, or any other such place that might call for valet parking! Obviously we weren't the only ones who didn't notice the sign, as the car in front of us and behind us were both towed!

An awesome day all round, Thanks Jaina

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  1. Cool! I would love to go to LA someday. Too bad Britney Spears wasn't still bat shit crazy- you would have run into her everywhere! :)


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