Tuesday, January 19, 2010

USA trip. Day two December 28th 2009. Washington, DC

It's SOOO cold! After some room service breakfast, we went out to see the sites. And I bought new gloves and ear warmers!

We started off by looking at the White House from both sides, and saw the White House Christmas tree... with a little Amtrak train running around the bottom! (we are catching Amtrak from DC to NY and then to Boston).

Next was the Washington Monument - it was soooo cold I think my fingers could have snapped off! Then we went on to the war memorial, the reflection pool (from Forest Gump!) which was frozen!! It gets cold in Melbourne - but not where lakes friggen freeze over!!! and the Lincoln Memorial.

We ended up at the Air and Space Museum in the Smithsonian for the afternoon - mainly to keep warm! It was heaps of fun though - and had the biggest Maccas EVER! Then had seafood for dinner, Mazz and I watched Soriety Row in the hotel room - not as lame as it looks!


  1. Oh my god- had I known that you weren't used to weather THAT cold I would TOTALLY have mailed you ubber warm mittens! Like mittens that are so warm you can be outside in -50 degree weather and be toasty! Next time, love!!

  2. damn it! Next time for sure! We wont be that cold when we meet up in Vegas, but i'm sure they'll still come in handy!! missed you gorgeous girl xx


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