Wednesday, January 27, 2010

USA trip. The Wrap Up!

Let me start off by saying that I am an intensely sentimental person! So coming home after such an amazing holiday was a real let down for me. I didn't realise until I came home how much I needed that holiday, how much I needed to be away from all the bullshit of work cover and depression, and the little things like feeding animals and paying bills, getting up to an alarm. I was actually a little sad when I got home, don't get me wrong, I missed Steve heaps, but it was such a build up for the trip - I had been saving for nearly a year! and to share it with my family and to be experiencing all these amazing things and then for it all to just be gone made me feel so, I don't know, flat, I guess! I'm a geek, I'm emotional and sentimental, I've even been know to have a tear or two on Christmas night because it's all over!

Just before we left I had my Christmas lunch with my girls. Carla had recently returned from a trip to Europe with her sisters and Mum, Jill commented about what an amazing opportunity that was - to travel with your family at our age. I hadn't thought of it until then, but really, it was an amazing opportunity to see the world with my family. I really do have an awesome family and I feel closer to Ma and Mazz, and even Dougie and wish Buzzy could have joined us. We had very few grumpy moments, got along well the whole time and looked out for each other always.

I saw fantastic places, like The frozen Reflection Pool at Lincoln Memorial, The White House, yellow cabs on 7th Ave in New York, Times Square New York on new years eve, the site of The World Trade Centre, Snow in different states as we travelled from DC to New York and New York to Boston, Boston in the snow, The Strip in Las Vegas, a toilet in Vegas, Chateau Marmont, Hollywood Blvd, Laguna Beach, Santa Monica Pier. I shopped till I dropped - many things I bought were one off's or not available in Australia - or if they are they are triple the price! I have a life time supply of pretty make up and underwear from Victoria's Secret! A memory card filled with fantastic photos, a travel diary and a blog full of amazing memories.

Other than an extra week or two, theres nothing more I could have wished for. Thank you Ma, Dougie and Mazz for an awesome 15 days, love you all.


  1. It's always a bit blah arriving back. The anticipation, then the whirlwind of travel and sightseeing, then the mundane day to day existance of work and home.

  2. Having said that... it's always nice to get home. Ok... I'm going to have some chocolate now.

  3. yeah homes always good - i just could have done with another week to really appreciate it!

    mmmm, chocolate, ok, i'm going to have some too xx


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