Friday, February 19, 2010

The bog blog (Nicole made me call it that!)

Last night Steve went away and I had dinner with the girls.

It was a lovely night with Mel, Ali and Nicole. Mel cooked us Chicken and Cashew stir fry. YUM!

I'm really, really lucky with my friends. The majority of them are from high school. Some I've reconnected with through facebook, but most, we've remained friends during the year or two (or 15! arrgh!) since high school. They have all always been amazing, fun, talented and unique people (I mean they are my friends, they must be pretty amazing!) but I've noticed in the last few years how they have matured into caring, loving people, as well as the amazing, fun people they've always been. My girls are beautiful, genuine and caring people who I couldn't be more thankful to have in my life!

Mel is someone who I would consider a close friend, even though we don't even have each others phone numbers! Despite that, I know that if I landed on Mels door step needing support, she'd be there in an instant. When I think back to things in high school, Mel's always there! She "debriefed" with me after my first kiss! She helped me get ready for my debutant ball, and, most importantly, she's my hero - she punched the school bitch on our last day of school! She's an absolute stunner with a heart of gold!

Which brings me to Nicole! For some strange reason, one that no one can remember, I call her Nan! She's the polar opposite to an old, well mannered, sweet lady, so who knows! Many, Many adventure has been had with Nan! In high school, Nan's house was the party house, her parents would go away a fair bit. So a usual Weekend for us girls would consist of a trip to Coles to gather our ingredients for our home made ouzo! Dressing in our finest singlet tops, causing fights at the bar and then stealing toilet paper from the local lake and TPing everything and anything, often including the car we were driving in (yeah, we were like totes undercover!) Nicole was known to kick over your odd letter box here and there, we enjoyed stealing For Sale signs as well, and them putting them out the front of friends parents houses, but eggs, eggs were our specialty. Man, we were cheeky kids! and thats only the stuff I can write about in a blog that mummy reads!!! Nicoles a mummy now, so she's all mature and shit (ha, yeah right!). In all seriousness though, Nicole is a beautiful caring person, she was the first one to send me a "welcome Home" message when I arrived in Melbourne after my US trip, she's the first to send "get well soon" messages and anniversary and birthday greetings. She's so much fun, but she also has a serious side, shes someone I know will always have my back. Oh and she has Coops, her son, he's about as cute as you get! You can't write a blog about Nicole without mentioning her amazingly foul mouth! Let me paint a picture! Nicole is gorgeous! She's quite prim and proper looking, has amazing taste in classy clothes, yet, besides "hellos" the first word spoken from Nicoles mouth last night was "cock". "Bog" was another widely used word last night.... especially during Nicoles telling of her "Thursday only poohs!" more about that later!

And Ali. Ali is one of my two besties in the world. My two besties are about as different as you can get, the ONLY thing they have in common is their total undying love for Me! But I couldn't live without either one of them!

Ali really needs a whole blog to herself! We've been great friends since year seven, we've been through just about everything 2 friends can! Massive ups, and massive lows. But in the end, the lows have just made our friendship stronger. She's been my pillar of support through all this Steve crap, she's always looked out for me, always made me feel welcome in her home and in her family, she's about the funniest person ever to go shopping with, I, without an ounce of doubt, know that I could call her anytime, any day and she'd drop everything to be there for me, we've shared everything, like dancing in the lounge room to our mums music, being able to stay at each others houses on school nights, meeting our first boyfriends, supporting each other through our first break ups, holding each others hair back at the end of a big night out, buying our first cars, getting our first jobs, getting married, buying our first homes, hoping for babies, talking about grown up stuff like finances and washing powder to hours long chats about nothing and daily emails. She's my blogs number one supporter, and mine!, she reminds me that I am strong enough to get through stuff, and a good friend. She sends me surprise care packages and the most important pre requisite for a best friend, she's a chef (I did well didn't I!!) and makes the best cup cakes and to-die-for hedgehog! Ali is someone I hope to have in my life until we're old bitches playing lawn bowls and complaining about the youngens these day! And I really think she will be. She truly is the epitome of "beautiful, inside and out"

All in all, it was a great night with great company and great food and champers! critiquing So You Can Dance contestants (coz we can do so much better!), looking at old really, really bad photos - (was bronzer not invented in 1995?? actually, was fashion invented then, coz we didn't get the memo!) reminiscing about the old days, and talking about Nicoles Thursday only poohs (you'll be happy to know she's much more regular these days!!), laughing about Richard Mercers Love song dedications, discussing stalkers (yeah, she's back!) and catching up on our day to day lives, all the while, trying to avoid catching Mels salmonella poisoning!


  1. bwahaha!! This is great. :) I never had any besties in high school- I didn't get really awesome friends until I went out on my own. Which actually was a lot more fun for me. Except it'll make for a weird high school reunion. LOL!

  2. Hahahaha! Nice one!
    Nawww, you are just to sweet!
    Made me feel the love!
    Mwah x

  3. Yeah.. you guys were like the carbon copy of us bogans! Too much fun!


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