Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Comfort food!

My IRL totally rad mate Karls has become quite the comment whore of late - Don't tell her coz she'll get a fat head, but I'm like totes jealous of her and her blogging popularity I'm so Tai to her Cher (Clueless - people!!) So I stalked her blog and discovered thats shes joined Blog This (a community for us totally rad Aussie bloggers) - a direct quote from Karly her self!!

So I joined too and now I'm all over that shit, starting with my first challenge "Comfort food" (See Karlys entry here),

My comfort food isn't your average casserole or mums Sunday roast! My comfort food is nearly as bad for you as it's going to get! But it never fails in warming my soul!

so, without further ado....

Smiths salt and vinegar crinkle cut chips

MUST be Smiths, MUST be Salt and Vinegar and most importantly MUST MUST MUST be crinkle cut - I eat along the crinkles, it's not possible to eat crinkle cut chips with out doing so! I've been know (on many occasions) to eat so many that I make my lips peel! (I'm thinking Salt and Vinegar, Smiths and crinkle cut are pretty Aussie things - I had no luck finding any of the above in America!)

Malteasers (are they an Aussie thing too?) Choc coated malt balls. In my world, comfort food can not comfort if there is no chocolate involved. Dark chocolate Malteasers = heaven!

It's always necessary to wash down some comfort food with an icy cold Coke Zero

And a confession, I am an ice addict - of the frozen water variety! It's probably not actual "food" but neither is Zero, and it's my blog and I'll do what I want!

I have to eat ice every day! Alissa knows, shes a fellow ice addict, we talk drugs over the fence!


  1. What more can I say than.....

    MMmmmmmmmmmmm ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. haha! Houghy does that ice crunching thing too... used to have to swing by Macca's on any road trip to grab a cup of ice. I must admit I do like the ice myself.

    The only reason I want to get pregnant (not that I do) is so I can act out the prego maltesers bitches and their active foetus!

    I want Ruffles! I used to nibble down the ridges... delish! And Toobs are back... yeeeew!

    Love you!

    Comment Whore

  3. Hey- we call them "Whoppers" here in the states instead of malteasers. And yes- crinkle cut chips are the shit. Except I don't care for salt & vinegar (shocker!!). You have to eat along the crinkle. I like pretzel rods. I lick the salt off before eating the pretzel. Wow- that sounds dirty. Actually I feel dirty doing it so I suppose that's appropriate. ;)

  4. ooo i should do a post of some of my favorite things this was way fun to read

  5. New to your blog, but I can tell I am going to love it. Junk food speaks to my soul. :)

  6. I dont eat along the crinkles but i gotta give you props to the choice of salt and vinegar Smiths! Great entry!

  7. My daughter just spied the image of the pink packet of chippies in yoru post over my shoulder, and said "They are my best Mum, I need some". She is not yet six years old. I reckon you must have hit the nail on the head.....

  8. Hi there, I am also from BlogThis. I am only an ice cruncher when I am pregnant and post pregnancy until bubs is about 2 months old! I can't stand ice now, maybe because it reminds me of being pregnant!!!


Thank You XX