Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 14th 2004

I'm sorry! I've been a big fat sooky lala since I've come home from America, so I thought I'd post about more fun things than my "funk"! Besides, I've had a few new followers since I returned, I wouldn't want you guys thinking I'm anything but happy Jandy! (Welcome by the way!)

so, with out further ado;

I should have really waited until the actual day to run with this post, but I found these pics on myspace (poor myspace, I used to love you so, before Facebook that is!) and couldn't resist uploading them!

Steve and I have nearly been married for 6 years! that's hard to imagine, but in someways, it's hard to imagine that we haven't been married forever!

Despite the actual marriage having its ups and downs, the actual wedding was amazing, everything went off without a hitch, and while, naturally, 6 years on theres some things I would change - but only because tastes change, I don't regret a single second of that day.

It was 42 degrees - unbearable heat (well at least that's what we all thought before Black Saturday!) and we had a lunch time wedding. Driving up the mountain our Mustang overheated while I felt sweat literally pouring down my back. But it all worked out - we'd ran a little early anyway, so it just meant we ended up being fashionably late!

My five bridesmaids dressed in hot, hot pink. Some might have a heart attack at that, but it was exactly what I wanted, and I still think they look awesome!

Claires (third from the left) son Connor was our page boy and took over the day - shy is not a word anyone would use to describe Connor, and my brother-in-laws daughter Issy was our beautiful flower girl.

My Dad, as you probably know, passed away when I was 3 so I had my Mum give me away - one of my favorite memories of the day. My sisters were bridesmaids along with some of my closest friends. Our close friends who weren't a part of the bridal party took on other responsibilities and helped make it the amazing day it was.

We were married in a little Chapel in Mount Dandenong and had our reception at the same place, where we danced our first dance in front of waterfalls, ate yummy food, drank too much, spilt too much on my beautiful dress, danced, laughed at speeches and just had a ball.

Afterwards everyone came back to our place and partied the night away while Steve and I spent our first night together about an hour away in the Yarra Valley before our honeymoon in Bali.

It was the most perfect day, shared with wonderful family and friends, a day I wouldn't change for the world!


  1. awwwww!

    The hot, hot pink, is rad, rad, rad!

  2. I love the hot pink! Matt and I have our 6 year anniversary in June. ;) And you looked gorgeous, girly!!

  3. awe look at how amazing you look! It sounds like an amazing day!!


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