Monday, February 1, 2010

February is the new January

thanks to Day Dream Lilly for the blog title!

AAArrrggghhh! It's February already! My "get healthy" plans are, well, non existent! I'm drinking a bottle of Coke as we speak- not water like I promised myself I would! And have already decided to have an packet of Salt and Vinegar chips for afternoon tea! So my packet of healthy rice snacks have been shoved to the bottom of my bag again - just like last week!

Exercise? hahahaha!!!!

Actually, last Tuesday I bought the bins in... surely that counts yeah?!!!

And that's just the physical part of getting healthy, I haven't even thought about the metal health part!

But February IS the new January! January is for relaxing, getting over Christmas and Holidays, setting your priorities yadda yadda. Who wants to get back from an amazing holiday, start work again and have to deal with Coke a Cola withdrawals?! (maybe a tad melodramatic there Jandy!)

It's time for will power, strength, determination.

Tomorrow. Coz that all sounds a little too much for a Monday!


  1. Man! I am with you! Not on the health thing... but I've spent January avoiding paperwork and now I'm literally drowning in it! ARGH! Getting my shit together and never slacking off again!

  2. well, not until next christmas anyway!!

  3. Whatevs- you are skinny and gorgeous! :) And I'm eating candy at 8:36 in the morning. Already thinking about lunch..


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