Tuesday, February 2, 2010


(noun) funk; an offensive smell; a stench

(verb) funk; an earthy type of jazz combining it with blues and soul; has a heavy bass line that accentuates the first beat in the bar

(noun) funk; blue funk a state of nervous depression

Two of my blog crushes, actually, two of my lady loves (here and here!) have used this word this week! It's a funny word, every time I read it, or write it, I giggle (Maybe that says more about me than it does the word?!!) but, the third definition is kinda how I feel at the moment, though the "nervous depression" statement might be a little OTT! basically my "funk" means I'm just over it all!

I'm still "coming down" from the awesomest holiday ever, finding it hard to get back into the daily life bullshit, dreaming about my next holiday (Hello Karls - get the cordial and fairy bread ready, the road trips coming to your town soon!) rather than listening to people, only just getting back into reading everyones blogs, struggling to update mine (calling my creativity, hello, where are youuuuuu?!), trying to muster up the will power to conquer some demons, trying to be healthy, pushing my money issues to the back of my mind, and sweeping "relationship issues" under the rug!

There aint no cupcake making parties under fairy lights, while dressed in fabulous dresses and killer heels going down in my hood! (that's what a bloggers "perfect world" consists of yeah? - ooh sorry, I should also be wearing a fake mo' should I not?!!)

Even writing this, I don't know where I'm headed! I'm not sad, I'm certainly not depressed, I'm kinda stressed, but really I'm just in a funk. And my definition of "Funk" I've just decided is (noun) A state of Can't be fucked! I'll get over it, but for today, I'm just going to wallow in it a little longer! I tell ya, if I could afford to shop......!

Sorry, and thanks for listening to my crap!

I googled "funk" in images, this came up, it has nothing at all to do with funk, but it made me laugh, thats a good thing!


  1. Lady love! Spare bed is ready for you and the red cordial is on ice!

  2. Love the pic!! Well you know if you came to America again I would take you out! :)

  3. It will pass Jands, dont force it though and in the meantime we will all be here to give you hugs if you want em xoxoxoxo


Thank You XX