Monday, February 15, 2010

Jandy & Steve + SatNav = Valentines distaster (but the best anniversary so far!)

So, we didn't quite cross off a 32 things thing! We tried!

We bought tickets to The Moonlight Cinema to see New York, I love You.

We left it a little late to walk around the botanical gardens like we'd hoped before hand, but we'd still make it in time for the movie. So I punch in "Moonlight Cinema" into the SatNav and off we go! It takes us to Moonlight Cinemas HEAD FREAKING OFFICE!

Still in the same suburb, but we still didn't know how to get from there to the cinema, so I type in "Botanical Gardens" which is where the cinema is located. Obviously there are more than one Botanical Gardens in Melbourne because we then find our selves several Km's away in the middle of St Kilda! By now the movies starting! And to make things even better, The St Kilda Festival is on, meaning there are people everywhere, streets closed, detoured traffic! By the time we work out where we are, we're at the beach, and the movie has been on for about 30 minutes!

We decided to set up our little picnic on the beach and snuggle in watching a huge storm roll in over the bay! It was a really lovely evening, although, not to plan! But I guess that's what made it all the better! We usually have the most fun when we're on an impromptu adventure.


  1. Bummer! I can't believe you didn't know how to get to the Botanical Gardens! You call yourself a Melbournite. Glad you ended up have a sweet time regardless!

  2. Dude- that sounds like every date Matt & I have ever have. But ours usually end with us yelling at each other and me calling him a fucking dumbass. ;)


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