Monday, February 8, 2010

My weekend

New flowers

My watermelon! pretty much actual size!


Green Capsicum


Fresh eggies

Tatters taken out too early!


The view from our back yard

A local peacock

Carrot cake

We had a productive few days at home this weekend. Working in the garden, cleaning the house, baking and grocery shopping. Our fruit and vegies are all coming along well, Can't wait to try my watermelon! We also have strawberries and mandarins, but they are not out yet, and our nectarines, plums and apples all got eaten by the birds :( Our rooster has just started to crow and 2 of our baby chooks have started to lay! We're almost self sufficient!


  1. Ok first of all the garden is looking amazing I am jealous and inspired all at the same time. And second the facebook stuff? that is just effing crap. who makes up these rules that don't exist? I wish you the best of luck with that and hope someone realizes what crap that is and helps you guys out

  2. Man! That is such bullshit! On a brighter note... the carrot cake look delish! So does the premmie watermelon!

  3. Oh my god...I'm coming to live with you solely for the view because of course--I don't eat veggies and fruits. ;)

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