Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The one in which I thank you from the bottom of my heart

I'm a spoilt girl! Last night I came home from work to find a package from Sara! Sara and I are kindred spirits, bought together by the blogging world and our ummm, unconventional husbands. We would so be real life besties if we lived in the same country, but for now, we're happy being blogging besties, making plans to meet in Vegas, and to meet half way to Australia and America to watch Alice in Wonderland, because our husbands would never be seen dead watching a movie like that!
We'd spoken about the book "This is your brain in love" and Sara had offered to send me her copy, so I was anticipating a package in the mail, but this was so much cooler than just a book! This amazing girl showed of her creative talents as well, sending me an awesome photo frame so I can display a picture from my trip, and I also got this sweet little home made card. I was about to throw out the box when I found something else in it, Sar had made me a set of beautiful little love cards, saying gorgeous things like "Owl always love you" with a picture of an owl, or a picture of a bee under the writing "bee mine" and a needle and thread spelling out "sew happy together"! Now I'm jealous of her talents but shes inspired me to get of my lazy unimaginative bum!
Thank you so much gorgeous girl, from the bottom of my heart!


  1. *kiss, kiss* dear. :) You are so very welcome. And it's probably a good thing we don't live close because we would tear it up. And know police by name. ;P Enjoy my love!

  2. Aww, thanks lovely - you deserve it babe x


Thank You XX