Friday, February 12, 2010

A random update!

I'm lacking blogspiration! So I thought I'd do a bit of a random update, get the stuff out of my head! It may be a little all over the place, so bare with me! (or log off now!)

see this pic of Miranda Kerr shopping at Victoria's Secret at The Grove in LA?

It's like totes the place where I buy my undies when in LA!!

This week has been hard! H.A.R.D! The highlight though was getting my Maxy (my car) back - he was hit by a stupid girl while I was away (Steve was driving), now he's all shinny and beautiful, but I went without him for a week which isn't ever fun! Max is a hero in Victoria - because he looked so beautiful shinny and clean, the heavens opened, breaking the drought - I'm good like that - community minded and all - if you have a drought going on, invite me to town in my shinny Max, guaranteed to bring the rain!! At least he looked nice for a day! The low light was probably when I was informed that the CIA are following my status updates on Facebook because of something I wrote months ago! Long story that I'm not allowed to get too far into. A little over the top though I know! (you're so dying to know more aren't you!)

Yesterday was spent doing really awesomely fun things, ya know like spending 2 hours with the solicitors and not really getting anywhere, and then spending 5 hours in emergency with Steve. 5 hours in emergency is not fun! After about 1 and a half, you start to see the germs that infest that place, years old blood splatters never cleaned off the walls, stains from spilt who-knows-what on the floors. Ewww. And the thing I hate most about Emergency Departments - you never see a friggen emergency! I saw a guy who dislocated his finger, another who punched a wall with a suspected broken wrist, a lady who pulled her calf muscle. Where's the guy with a hammer hanging out of his head, or the girl who just developed this crazy rash that's made her turn fluro pink, the kid who fell off the monkey bars and twisted his arms 360 degrees, ya know, the fun stuff like that! Anyway, Steves OK, got some new meds and is currently off his face, so it's all good!

I'm off to Ali's for a handbag and sunglasses party tonight - yeah I know, if she added "make up and shoes" to the mix, it'd pretty much be Jandy heaven!, but alas, I can't afford a friggen thing! Damn it... at least Ali is like the best freaking cook you've ever met. Ali + Party = best food ever! Bring it!

I'm thinking of doing a bit of a (for want of a better word) "style blog" thing here, like not make it about clothes, but here or there document what I'm wearing?? Before you get all "what's she thinking - she has no style" on my ass! I'm not saying I know anything about fashion, have any idea about whats next, could even tell the difference between a Prada skirt and one from Target! But I do have my own style, I follow trends to a point, but I've learnt to give them a bit of Jandy, I've developed a sense of confidence that allows me to wear what I want now days, whether it be fashionable or not. All the fashion blogs out there - well most of them, showcase their Gucci dress, with the Jimmy Choos, ya know, the stuff that real people can't afford. My style blog would be about stuff I can afford - and if I can afford it, pretty much anyone could! Besides, I want to be awesome and have Vogue send me to Paris for fashion week! hahaha! I'm going to have to get some seriously awesome hair though, before I do this, Delightfully Tacky, or Orchard Grey style! We'll see!

And it's the big Valentines/Anniversary weekend. I'm not hoping for too much (I'm not expecting anything present wise) but I do hope it will be a nice, carefree day, one where I'm not made to feel guilty for wanting to do something I like doing. One where I'm loved just for being Jandy, one where I'm appreciated for sticking around this long - I mean people get less for murder ya know!

Have an awesome weekend peeps, I hope you get spoilt with all the love you deserve


  1. It's true! You can get less for murder. Hope you have a rad weekend... give Ali's titties a squeeze from me and eat at least 4 cupcakes.

    Have a good one... hope it all goes swimmingly!

  2. A handbags and sunglasses party??? Yes please!!

    Just swinging by from another blog and had to comment!

  3. Your red shoes are hot. I still think you can wear them with anything. You'll notice Katherine who commented above me? Came from my blog! YAY!

    The last time I was in the emergency room was with Olivia (like 2 years ago, little more) and we waited 5 hours to be seen. Meanwhile Olivia was severly dehydrated and we got screamed at for not bringing her in sooner. Yah...we sat there for 5 hours while the guy with a pencil in his ass went first. Nice.


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