Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines Day

As you probably know, Valentines Day is also our wedding anniversary. I've never really been a massive Valentines Day fan. We really only got married on the day because we had been engaged for nearly 7 years and someone said "Valentines day is a Saturday next year, you should get married then, or you'll never do it!" so we did!

I'm excited about this year though, well optimistically excited! We're crossing off another 32 things and going to an outdoor cinema to see "New York, I love you" (hello, how appropriate!!) I've never been to the movies under the stars before, I hope it's as beautiful as I imagine!

Unfortunately, Steve has a bad habit of ruining occasions such as this (birthdays, weddings, Christmas etc), he turns a little spazz! I think that he has these great intentions of how great he's going to make the day, then things don't go according to plan, he gets angry and everything spirals out of control. I hope to God it wont be this way this year, but I'm also smart enough to realise that it probably will, and therefore, I'll be asking my Mummy not to make any plans on Sunday night coz she might be going on a last minute date with me!
It's a sad life I live sometimes isn't it :(


  1. Well at least he tries. Which is more than I can say for my hubs! The closest thing to a date we get is running around doing errands. With kids. Which ends up in a fight because he hates to shop. :)

  2. I have a feeling THIS Anniversary he is gonna step up - enjoy my darling girl....
    and let me know what it's like, it's something Ive always wanted to do and have never got around to doing either!
    Mwah x


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