Friday, February 5, 2010

The Weekend Biatches!

Hope you all have a rad weekend!

I finish early today, so I'm planning on spending the afternoon on the couch, reliving my Vegas days while watching The Hangover! Can.not.wait.for.that!

Saturday, we have no plans, maybe give the house a good clean, read my book (The Girl in Times Square - I have a slight US obsession at the moment!), bake the Carrot cake I've promised Steve for weeks (I never did understand putting a carrot in a cake, but then the only 2 cake flavors in my world are chocolate and red velvet!)

And Sunday we'll be spending the day with Daveo and Lou, to commiserate and remember Black Saturday, 1 year on.

Hope your weekend is full of good times, laughs and l♥ve.


  1. I really want to shop this weekend. Matt says no- but I might ditch him. :)

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend... enjoy :)


Thank You XX