Monday, March 15, 2010

32 Things Number 26. Go on a road trip from Melbs to the Goldy, with visits to Karls and Rach added in for good measure. No other plans than that.

We of course started at the Maccas Drive Thru!
On our way to The Gold Coast, past many of Australia's weird and wonderful attractions

Then on to Glenrowan - The place of Ned Kellys Last Stand

Whoooot! We made it to the boarder!

Lunch at the Etamogah Pub - Classic Aussie Boaganism

Submarines in the middle of New South Wales

Coz that's how we roll in Gundagai

The Dog on the Tucker Box
The Big Marrino in Goulburn

Our really weird, old, smelly room in Goulburn

the classic jump on the hotel room bed photo

You can't really tell, but the room was so gross we decided to keep our shoes on
(we might be a little on the snobbish side!)

Umm, fake Ayers Rock in the middle of New South Wales.
No Comment.

We spent a night in Nambucca Heads at The Doll House -
Or Karlys, Mickos and Billys place.
Might have gotten a little bit messy! Sorry Karls!
Karls is lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places, such a different life style.
She's got me thinking......

Buzzy took my photos for me at The Big Banana - this is the only one that worked!
The Big Banana also has a candy shop, we watched kiwi fruit flavoured boiled lollies be made, and of course tried them out!

The Big Prawn, it was closed though so we didn't get to see it in all its glory!

Our last stop was Byron Bay

Buzzy enjoying the views out to Byron, where there were Dolphins swimming in the ocean

Buzzy and I before we said goodbye.
No more photos after this, we tried to find a Welcome to Queensland sign but couldn't, then there was too much running mascara for a photo opportunity!
I'll miss Buzzy like crazy, but I'm so glad we got to share Buzzy and Pattos amazing road trip, and cross off another 32 things thing!


  1. FUN!!!! (And I am loving your shirt in the last photo.)

  2. F21 baby!! (i'm obsessed!!!)

  3. this looks like it was a blast and i have totally stayed in places like that where taking your shoes off is not an option!!

  4. What a great trip. I love collecting photos of tacky tourist icons - you've done well to get so many in one trip!

  5. Yay! Messy? Dude! I paid for it for at least 2 days... if anyone was messy, it was me!

    Come again!

  6. havent been on your blog for awhile.
    Sounds like a fab trip.

  7. I'm so jealous! I wish I could have come, I so need a holiday! AND I miss Karls :(
    I hope you had a drink or seven for me xx

  8. I really want to take my wife back to Australia (I lived there for a year in college)! A road trip Sounds so fun!


Thank You XX