Friday, March 5, 2010


Oh Wow! Sorry about yesterdays PMS rant! Must remember to stay away from computers when I'm in that mood! (Wonder if they might be my most popular posts though?!!)

Thankfully, it only lasted a few hours, I'd pulled my socks up and got over my self by about 7 last night! Some beautiful comments and feedback helped a little too!

So, rethinking things, my jobs pretty awesome! I've never been a live to work person, I'll always be happy with enough to pay the bills, have a roof over my head, some food in my tummy and some left for some fun - as long as the occasional pair of boots can also be purchased!! My job is 10 minutes from home, it's flexible (to a point), I'm comfortable, I know what I'm doing (most of the time), I work with some great people, it's reliable, I just got a promotion-of-sorts, and a pay rise and it supported both Steve and I several times over the past 6 years. But most importantly, I like working with my Mum! She works very hard, I wouldn't see her nearly as much if we didn't work together. She's my boss and she's as tough, if not tougher, with me as she is with any one else, she's fair and professional, but we also have fun, we joke and laugh all the time, we steal each others chocolate stashes, I think it's good for our relationship. She's given me a really good opportunity here, I wont let her down. I don't want to stay here for ever, but for now I'm happy, I can be the best I can be here, be a good PA, I might look into doing some creative stuff, maybe sell flowers at a market, I'll also do the self esteem course, but like I said, for now, I'm happy!

The insurance issues were resolved today, I can't even begin to explain the pressure that has been lifted from our lives! Looking forward to a bit of a shop tomorrow!! hehe!!

"Life can be cruel, but take courage child, it can also be delightful"


  1. Better out than in! Funny how one day things can look so bleak and shitty and the next the sun comes out and everything takes on a new glow. Yeeeeeew! I'm big Kev! Hey... are you going to stay the night here? Please, pretty please do! I need some contact with the outside world!

  2. You deserve it my love - so happy for you to have it all sorted xx
    Enjoy your time with'll have a ball xx

  3. part of what I love about you is your ability to be honest and real and even though it may have been a bit of a rant it was passionate. The only constant in life is change!

  4. Hey there - I'm your newest follower. Karls sent me here and I totally do whatever she says because I so want to be like her when I grow up!


Thank You XX