Friday, March 26, 2010

Before Depression, Prolapsed Discs and Workcover.....

We were happy
I miss those days
I miss my friend
I miss my life
I miss Jandy


  1. Big SADS. :( Seriously, Jandy? You make me feel better about a lot of stuff that I deal with. How you've made it this long is really a miracle and I have to think that he (somewhere, somehow) knows and appreciates that. And I know that a penis is like a deformity that clogs the brain, but somewhere I have to think that. Hang in there love!!

  2. Having a rough time of it at the moment Jands? I feel for you love, I really do! Big smiles!

  3. I know what it feels like to watch someone you love get lost in depression. and what drives me nuts is people always trying to give me advice about it when really all i want to hear sometimes is i'm sorry that really sucks. So that's what I'm gonna say to you "it is sucky and such a waste of a great person" (sorry for the rant)

  4. EXACTLTY what i needed lacie, thank you! You girls make my day xx

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