Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In one month and one day....

I will be 32! (omg!) and due to a lack of blogging ideas, you all get to read about my wish list (get your pens and papers - and credit cards - ready!!)
My birthday is April 25th, ANZAC day, a day where us Aussies celebrate our diggers, our fallen service men and women, the hero's who have fought for our country. I'm a big supporter of our troops, so every year, on my birthday, I wake up at 5 am and attend our local dawn service. I know, it's crazy! But once you've been once, you can't not go. What kind of an excuse is sleeping in, when these guys and girls had no choice, they were fighting wars, Besides, I LOVE that my birthday has a tradition, after the service we go to Maccas for breakfast, I go home and check out my pressies, then we go somewhere nice for lunch, before we all fall in a heap after our early morning!
So, anyway, with the help of Ali, here's my birthday wish list:
I want:

To spend time with the people I love

A trip to Bali

to be taken to the movies, with a never ending pop corn supply

Alis Cup Cakes
(pic isn't Ali's)

Ice cream cake, Like when I was little - I haven't had a birthday cake since my 18th :(

An afternoon of climbing trees, playing in the park, exploring with people I love

A cute floral dress to wear with my brown boots

Hair extensions

A teacup piglet
OMG so cute!

Forever21 gift vouchers
(or a trip to a forever21 store!!)

my own personal little lappy, so I can blog where and whenever I please

Black over the knee boots like these ones

OPI Alice in Wonderland limited edition polishes.
The first one is Absolutely Alice, and the second, which is the one I want the most,
Mad as a Hatter.
Alice in Wonderland + glitter + purdy nail polish = heaven!
OK kids, time to get shopping!

** I'm a bad blogger today, I didn't write down any of the details of where I got these pics, they are all from Google or We ♥ it, if they belong to you, please let me know and I'll give credit where credit is due! Also, some of them are tiny, because I'm lazy basically! sorry! OK, get back to shopping now!


  1. I have to remember this for my birthday post because your wish list is amazing!! I have to totally agree with so many of them but especially the nail polish and the forever 21 shopping :)

  2. Darls, we need a new photo stat!
    But I'm feelin the love you used one of my ideas! it's pretty awesome, and now your friends and fam just need to check your blog, we don't even need ideas - it's sorted!
    mwah xx

  3. You don't ask for much do you! haha

    I think we also need a new photo! Why didn't we do one when you were here? Boo!

    The first birthday I had away from home, Micko's Mum got me an icecream cake - which, incidently, I had every year as a kid (and quite a few as an adult). She is darling!

    Love the nail polish! Think I need that on my wish list too!

  4. Oh girl...I've GOT YOU on your birthday. :) It is now my mission to whip up a really kick ass box. And use one of the stack of postage custom papers I *finally* grabbed from the post office!! ;) You just wait..

  5. What a wonderful birthday wish list. I have always wanted to go to the dawn service but might find it hard with the kids now.

  6. Babe I'll be there at Lilydale at 5am as there is No excuse!!! Jilly


Thank You XX