Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A 32 Things recap

With under 6 months to go, my beautiful Ali suggested I do a 32 things recap

If you've been around these parts for a while, you would know what I'm talking about.

If your'e a newy to AVP, welcome! When I started this blog, one of the first blogs I read was Yes and Yes. Sara had started a list of 30 things she wanted to do before her 30th birthday. Thanks Sara, I'll be stealing that one! Except mine had to be 32 things (damn it!) and I cheated by making my end date September. It's one of the best things I've ever done, it's some times taken me out of my comfort zone, it's given me blogspiration and it's a great go-to for weekends.

Though when recently perusing it, theres a few things I'd like to change. I thought that would be cheating, but really, it's my list and I can do what I want!

1. Take a sewing class and buy a sewing machine.

I was lucky enough to be given an old, but still in perfect condition, sewing machine from a work mate, my sewing classes start next Tuesday. I can't wait to be able to adjust clothes, give them a little Jandyness!

2. Ride the Warburton Trail.

I haven't crossed this one off yet. Steve can't ride a bike because of his back, so I'll be riding by my self, but that's cool. It's an easy one to cross off, The Warburton Trail would be a 10 minute ride away from home, next nice day!! Check out the Warburton Trail here.

3. Buy some ruby red shoes, and have the guts to wear them!

I did and I did! I bought the most awesome pair ever of Ruby Red shoes. And to make them even more awesome, I purchased them on Melrose! Last weekend I wore them for the first time out for dinner, and they were just as hot as I had hoped!

4. Go to a drive in movie.

Haven't crossed this one off yet, but I definitely want to... is there anything good out soon?

5. Join the Karma Army.

I did! And in yesterdays mail we received our confirmation that we are now full members, time to get some good Karma out there! Never heard of Karma Army? Check it out here.

6. Learn to play a song on guitar.

I haven't crossed this one off yet, but I do have a guitar and a teacher, so that's a good start.

7. Send a post card to post secret.

Done, and it may or may not have even been published.....

8. Learn yoga.

Another easy one that I need to get off my bum to do! I'd like to find a Saturday morning class in the Yarra Valley/Ranges... any ideas?

9. Either dye my hair red or get extensions, or maybe both!

platinum Jandy

ranga Jandy

(its redder in real life!)

Over the past 6 months I have gone from "platinum white" to "fire engine red" I ♥ being a ranga. And I have extensions too! yay!

10. Take a picnic basket to the Moonlight Cinemas.

We didn't quite make it, remember this? but we tried! I think this can get a half cross as I'm pretty sure the moonlight cinema has finished for the year.

11. Walk to the light house in Cape Woollamai.

Check out Cape Woolamai here. Not crossed off yet, but I will. Though last time I tried this I was a lot fitter than I am now!

12. Take Thelma and Louise style photos with Katie - preferably in Laguna Beach!

The Laguna Beach part didn't happen, but theres no way in the world we are getting to September without having seen my Katie, so the photos will be taken, somewhere!

13. Have a date with my sisters.

Yup, we sure crossed this one off!

14. Spend an afternoon lying in the grass at a park.

And what a lovely afternoon it was!

15. Roller skate on St Kilda Beach foreshore.

I don't really want to do this one anymore, I might think of something awesome to replace it with... any ideas?

16. Spend a whole day exploring the city.

Not crossed off yet, but it will be, I'm really looking forward to being a tourist in my own city.

17. Have a baby. (well, get pregnant at least!)

This one doesn't need an explanation, and I doubt highly that it will get crossed off!

18. Go to the movies with Mum.

I'm going to combine this one with number 30 I think. My Mum is deaf, so why I thought it was a good idea to go to the movies with her is any ones guess! I think high tea in the mountains is much more appropriate.

19. Do something to become more involved in my local community, maybe volunteer at Bridge Builders.

The further I get down this list, the more I realise I have to do!

20. Help someone affected by the Black Saturday bush fires.

All crossed off! yay me!

21. Cook dinner, including entree and desert.

I am soooooooooooooooooooooo not a cook, as Ali's words describe... "Ah....excuse me, have you seen Jandy anywhere? I’m not sure if you know her, but my BFF doesn’t cook!!! Ha-ha!! " so I'm proud of this one!

22. Fill up my memory card with fun photos.

I filled up my memory card in America! it was so awesome to go back through all my pics.

23. See my favorite Hollywood places like Robertson Blvd, Chateau Marmont, la deux, San Antonios.

Although I didn't find everything on my list, and my Chateau Marmont picture isn't amazing, I think I can cross this one off!.

24. Learn how to braid my own hair.

I have tried, but not yet mastered it..... yet!

25. Sleep under the stars.

I think I left this one a bit late, it's a bit freezing at nights now! I'll still try!

26. Go on a road trip from Melbs to the Goldy, with visits to Karls and Rach added in for good measure. No other plans than that.

It was an impromptu trip, but it was awesome! check out all the pics here.

27. Learn how to change my own tyre.

I seem to remember a promise of teaching from a Ms Karly, now I have to learn all by my self. I actually do know what to do, I just never have!

28. Have a counter meal in a country pub.

So right Karls!

Buzz and I visited Karls in Nambucca and enjoyed a hung-over lunch at the V wall Tavern! You really don't get much more country than Nambucca Heads.... how far are you from the closest capital city Karls??

29. Do a course on dealing with difficult customers.

I think this one might change too, how boring! I don't give two shits about how I treat difficult customers. In fact, I think screaming at them does wonders - why would have some one bought me a bottle of vodka to make up for what he did wrong last week? I think my approach is pretty effective!

30. Go to high tea in the mountains somewhere.

see 18, unless of course Karls visits Melbs before September!!! *cough cough*

31. Take a ride in a yellow cab in New York City.

Yup, sure did!

32. Get a facial.

The first of my 32 things to be crossed off!

Oh wow, I still have a lot of work to do!


  1. No 28 can go, I reakon! You had lunch with me at the V-Wall Tavern... and if I don't live in the country, then I don't know who does! haha

    It's not a country style pub... but it is a pub - in the country!

    I'm sure I'll be down before then for the tyre/high tea/hair braiding exercises!

  2. Wow! That was an interesting list. Go girl! It was exciting just reading them.^^

  3. You've done so good! I keep thinking about making a list, I am scared that I won't follow through on anything and then I'll just get angry :) P.S. I LOVE Post Secret! Read it every Sunday.

  4. Good for you chicky!! I'm just wondering where the "party in Vegas with my really awesome, super duper fabulous blogger friend Sara" is?? :)

  5. hey darl, i'll help you with the warby trail, just let me know when xoxo carls

  6. Very proud babe!! Hope you feel better now having recaped your list :)
    Love ya xoxo


Thank You XX