Thursday, April 29, 2010

The birthday card war

In yesterdays post, I mentioned the very strange birthday card I got from my sister Mazz, here's the story!

A few years ago Buzz and I found the most hilarious set of greeting cards, and ever since, the war has been on to find the strangest, most random birthday card possible.

When Buzz moved to QLD, I found a great card with and old, over weight lady in her floral swimsuit, the inside read "If you've got it, flaunt it". Yeah, I did well there!

Next came Mazz's card for when she got a new job. A picture of two classic Aussie bogans, or red necks for my US friends, in side it simply reads "cheers". Hmmm, not a bad effort.

But then I picked up my game big time, I doubted Mazz would ever beat me. I'm pretty sure I've won the birthday card war....

Thats an actual Hallmark card that reads
"Sis, it seems like just yesterday you were a little boy"
Yeah you read that right, sis, a little BOY!!!
How awesomely random, odd and hilarious!
I was so proud!
But then for my birthday, Mazz came up with this little gem

It reads

"Thursday already?

Where does the time go?

Mary hurries to finish her boob tube in time for the weekend"


OK, awesome yes, random and odd yes, hilarious yes,

but does it beat mine, I don't think so

What do you think, did I win, or Maz?

grrr blogger is making my layout stupid, the text between the two pics just wont do what I want


  1. I love it oh my gosh my sister and i would pee our pants laughing about this together

  2. Its really a very impressive blog. Like the card.

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  4. Oh I think you won hands down.

  5. Dude! The boy card totally trumps the boob tube!

    Oh and you should totally check out - you can the personalise the strangest of cards!


Thank You XX