Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy birthday Mazz!

It's my little sister Emma's 30th birthday today!

Hope you have the greatest birthday ever Mazz!

Mazz and I grew up hating each other, no exaggeration! We in fact had the police called for one of our fights - true story for another time!
But now, Mazz is one of my best friends, we travelled through America together and I thought we'd want to kill each other, or ourselves, by the end of it, but it just made us closer! Together with our youngest sister Bec, or Buzzy, we're the coolest sisters to rock this world, we're actually in talks with MTV to start our own reality show, you know, like The Osbournes of Keeping up with the Kardashians, we're thinking "Rolling with the Resches". That's how awesome we are!
Happy Birthday Mazz, Love ya guts, though I'd never say that in public!
oh, damn it, i think i published that!


  1. OOh..I get a guest spot, right?? :) You need to go to here: (one of my fav authors and it's the video promo for her new book which I'm dying for..) because this post made me think of that. :)

    Happy Birthday MAZZ!!

  2. Awe sister love is sweet. Now since you love hate her you should say I love you then knock her down into some mud. Just so she knows her place :)


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