Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

It was my birthday on Sunday!
I share my birthday with ANZAC day
Check out my ace mate Karly's blog about the ANZAC spirit here
to get an insight on what ANZAC day is all about.
I start my birthday at 4.30am
and head to the RSL for our local dawn service.
I share the first few hours of my birthday with our Diggers
Remembering our fallen and those who are serving.
This year I shared Dawn Service with my good friend Jill and her two girls
Jill has taken the girls to Dawn Service every year of their lives
I think that is awesome
I've also encouraged more of my friends to sacrifice one days sleep in
(proud of you Karls!)
After all, our Diggers didn't have the choice of staying in a nice warm bed
or fighting for our country.
I'm proud to not be entirely selfish on my birthday.
After dawn service we usually head to Maccas to meet up with the family,
we all go to different Dawn Services
But this year Mt Ev's service ran a little longer than usual
so we all went to Yarra Glen for lunch and had a beautiful meal and amazing cake
and a very very strange birthday card from Mazz
(It needs a whole blog to its self!)
Then I have a lazy afternoon, friends and family pop in
and I bask in my awesomeness! haha!
Thank you to everyone who helps make my birthday my favorite day of the year!


  1. One of Al's cakes? Glad to hear your birthday was rad! Wish I was there to pop in and bask in your awesomeness!

  2. happy birthday I hope you had a wonderful day filled with smiles and happiness

  3. Happy Birthday chicky!! I'm putting a little box of goodies together for you... :)

  4. I want to eat your cupcake! Errr wait that sounded dirty. I want the cupcake in the photo.


Thank You XX