Wednesday, April 7, 2010

IM A B livin that good life!

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" Eleanor Roosevelt

A bit of an update, because I've been a shitty blogger! I still haven't got around to purchasing a lappy of my own, but I'm going to borrow ma's tomorrow so I can spend the night reading and commenting on all of your blogs!

A fair bit has happened since I last posted, so I thought I'd write this blog as a list, here goes!

Easter was AWESOME, here's how I spent it;

♥ Friday I slept in, spent the morning writing blog ideas, the afternoon watching Dr Phil, Oprah and a day time movie, then I had a nap, had some dinner, finished the day off with a bath and an early night,

♥ Saturday, my sister Buzzy (who moved to Queensland) came down to visit, so with Mazz, we had a sisters day, eating lunch and seeing Mazz's new house and shopping, though, as is usual with us girls, we spent more time picking on the clothes than actually buying something! On the way home Buzz and I were road raged, some total drug fucked wanker decided to try and run me off the road, I think he may have just done over a service station, and I got in his way, either way, he was ANGRY!

♥ Sunday, Steve and I pretended we were a normal couple and had a beautiful day together. We started at the market, met a friend there and had some lunch, then we saw a house for sale that we thought was cute, so we went and found that (we have an inspection tonight!) then went to our local footy oval, which is surrounded by chestnut trees! We spent the afternoon collecting chestnuts, and the night snuggled up in front of the fire on our veranda roasting chestnuts! It was all so normal, but I never take normal for granted!

♥ Monday, I shopped with Ali and Sammy and we had a ball, it was the perfect day, we went out for a nice lunch, were going to try to fit in pedis, but the shopping took over! We don't spend anywhere near the amount of time together that we should, so I always love a day with Ali.

So that was Easter, but still, more has happened!

♥ I'm going back to NEW YORK CITY in May!!!! I know, my trip in January was supposed to be a trip of a life time, it was, but I've been given the opportunity to go again, for almost nothing! Mazz is a MASSIVE Bon Jovi fan and had purchased tickets a while ago to see him in New Jersey in May with a friend, but said friend pulled out, so good ole Jandy is second choice, but umm, hello, for New York for the second time in 6 months, and for next to nothing, I'll be anyones second choice!!! It's only for a week this time, but i can't wait! I have to stop dreaming about forever 21, central park, my dream pair of louboutin's, sephora, times square, the cheesecake factory, etc etc etc!

Ok, now here, half of you are going to be cheering me on, the other half will be rolling their eyes! I FINALLY realised that for any of the shit to change in my life, I need to actually make a conscious effort to change it! Wow Jandy, only took you 30 odd years! I'm starting small, I HATE my skin, it's worse today than it was when I was 15 for fucks sake! I always talk about drinking more water, eating healthier yadda yadda, but if I have a bottle of water and a bottle of Coke in front of me, I'll always choose the Coke! So this week, I'm not letting my self drink Coke while I'm at work (baby steps!) I'm two days in, and doing well! And god damn it, my reward will be beautiful, flawless, enviable skin, and then my brain is gonna think, "Wow, look at the reward you got for making a little effort" and making an effort will just come naturally to the new perfect skinned me! Well that's the plan! I've also organised an appointment to discuss my confidence with a doctor, and what I can do about it, but we'll talk more about that later!

Promise I'll be back on the blog wagon tomorrow, checking out and commenting on all you're blogs, but hey, thanks again for sticking around when there hasn't been much here, I appreciate it more than words.

peace out xx


  1. You go chicky. :) Girl- I'd meet you in NY if I could! I'm going to Tennessee in May for a weekend. BUT... Vegas trip is tentatively planned for May 2011. Start saving!! :)

  2. NEW YORK! Have fun! That's on my list of places to have an adventure!

  3. YEEEAAAHH!! NY! I am so frigen jealous biatch! But you would have been seriously retarded if you didn't go!!
    Aww, and you made me tear up....we don't spend as much time as we should togther, but you know whta, thats why when we do, we totally rock it, and have an amazing time! Sam probably thinks we are total freaks now, but I think she had a fun day?! Teehee!!
    Great to see you back on the Blog Wagon....keep it up!!
    Love ya guts xoxo

  4. Dude! I'm super jealous of your impending trip! What a prick Sara won't be in town... that shit ain't right!

  5. I think you have seen more of the US than i have and i live here jj....your trip sounds super fun. and i am glad to hear that you are taking control of your life i am trying to do the same :)


Thank You XX