Monday, April 19, 2010

OMG, I'm a bitch!

I don't know when it happened, I used to be nice, like really nice, but since I've met Steve and working here, I've slowly evolved into a bitch. My pet hate is letting people get away with things. If you cut me off in traffic, I'll make the rest of your drive home hell, if Steve annoys me, he better believe he ain't getting no loving, if you break a rule at work, you're going to know about it!

When I was nice, people would walk all over me, so I thought being a bitch would help.... I think I need to find a happy medium! Today a customer tried to break the rules!

oh no you di'nt!

I wasn't having any of that, and I let him know. Long story short, he needed to get in contact with us a month ago, he decided to call today instead, still expecting everything to be the same. He couldn't get in contact because his Dad passed away, not my issue sorry mate, rules are rules, end of story!

Hello! Jandy, HIS DAD DIED! a little leeway never hurt anyone!

I really need to find this happy balance!


  1. dont feel bad we are only female, we are naturally bitches! we have to catch up soon! xx

  2. Girl, I'm a bitch and I actually love it. Too many people try to bend the rules or don't think they applied to them. And yeah- his dad died but it doesn't take a MONTH to get shit organized. And he could have called and said, "family emergency, I'll get to you when it settles down" or whatever. I would have been bitch to the max too. I'm so getting you one of those signs that I have. :)

  3. if you want to find a balance then you probably will. that stuff takes time, i reckon. trial and error. like you said, you used to get walked all over. now you're not comfortable being a bitch. the right combo will come to you. i am working on it too.


Thank You XX