Thursday, April 29, 2010

Princess Buddy

My niece Kasey and nephew Josh met Princess

Part of her disease is that she can no longer produce the powder that cleans her feathers

Kasey feeds Princess

Joshys turn

making her self at home!

A month or so ago Steve found a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo that had been attacked by a dog, we tried to nurse it back to health, but he unfortunately didn't make it.
But Steve though having our own cockatoo would be an awesome idea.
So we bought our newest member of the farm, a four month old Cocky. With out a DNA test, it is impossible to determine the sex of a Cockatoo. So our little Princess started her life as Buddy until we got the test back.
Unfortunately when we had the test performed, we also had her checked for Beak and Feather, which came back positive. To make a long story short, she has the bird equivalent to AIDS, she can't pass it to us or our other animals, but she will pass it to other parrots that she comes in contact with. She wont pass away from B and F but complications from it, much the same as a person with AIDS.
We had expected Princess would out live us, unfortunately it wont be the case, she could have days, weeks, months or even years, it's all a waiting game.
I feel so sorry for her, she's a happy girl, full of character and very very smart, but in a way I'm thankful that we saved her from dying in a cage with other infected birds. Now she knows she's loved, she interacts with us and our other pets, she can fly, she can live out the rest of her short life in happiness.


  1. At least she'll live out her days in a wonderful loving home, and she will always be treated like a true Princess.

  2. Aw... poor Princess. We should get her a boa. I mean seriously. Die with some dignity. I'd get her ruby bird shoes if they made them ;)

  3. Are you feeding that cockatoo beer? haha

  4. Cute birdie.. Glad it's home now.^^

  5. so how many of your pets have aids now? 2?


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