Monday, April 19, 2010


Lets mix it up a little shall we kids!

Rather than my normal Monday morning rant about being a shitty blogger and trying to find my blog mojo, I'm just going to blog today. Whoa, I know, I'm crazy like that! To all of you who drop by here especially on a Monday to read my rants, I apologise, but don't despair, I'm sure it wont be long until I become a shitty blogger again!!
Obviously though, I haven't been too bad, the lovely, beautiful and talented Lacie at Creative Attempts bestowed this award upon me;

The rules for this one is to list 10 honest facts about my self, so here goes! (warning, I've decided to make this a list of the 10 random things that make me Jandy, or a freak, you decide!)

1. I have 8 cats, 2 dogs, 2 turtles, 9 chooks, 1 quail, 8 finches and a cockatoo

2. When I eat a cheeseburger, I eat each piece of bun first, then the meat - makes it last longer!

3. I was born cross eyed, pigeon toed, with hip displaysia and unable to drink milk, yet I never won a beautiful baby contest, weird hey!

4. I spent a lot of my childhood in prison visitors yards

5. I lived with clowns after my Dad passed away

6. I'm addicted to ice - of the frozen water variety

7. I pluck my eyebrows every day - it's my OCD

8. I have no nails on my little toes

9. When I go to bed, I always count how many hours sleep I'm going to get

10. 3 times in the last year, I have had to squat in my driveway, because there was no way I was making it through the gate, finding my keys, unlocking the door and running to the toilet!

Thank you Lacie, such an honor that you thought of me :)

So now you all know a little bit more about me.... made your day didn't I!! I'm passing this award to EVERYONE, I look forward to reading your answers!


  1. you only had to squat in your driveway three times last year? we need to work on getting that number higher lol. and of course you proved yet again why you deserved the award lol

  2. this is sweet. ;) No wonder why your eyebrows are the hotness. Dang.


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