Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When life gives you lemons....

Warning, this is another ramble! Just me, trying to get all the stuff out of my head and onto the Internet! could be a long one, could be hard to follow as well!, Sorry!

I guess I could at times be accused of not being up with the times, I mean, did you know that it's no longer cool to perm your hair??!!!! News flash!

Where was I? OK, so It has recently come to my attention that I am the only person capable of making me happy or sad! I know, it's only taken me 31 years and 360 days to work that out!

I'm not necessarily talking about quiting my job and running off into the sunset to fulfill my dreams, I'm talking, I am the controller of my own mind, it's up to me how I react to situations, like if a customer is rude to me, it's up to me to get angry back and have the chance of it ruining my day, or I can choose to ignore it, or laugh it off. If Steves depressed and all assholeish, it's my choice if I sit around and mope, or say "fuck you, I'm going out to do something awesome, without you Mr grumpy pants" if you don't reply to my messages, don't comment on my blog, don't acknowledge me at a party, bitch about me, yadda yadda, it's up to me how I react, and it's up to me how the rest of my day pans out as a result of said reaction.

I know it's easier said than done to go about your life with a "water off a ducks back" attitude, but I'm going to try, so far its working!

And guess what? right now, I couldn't be happier, life's good ya'll!

I've made a few little changes to my life, little being the operative word, but they are making big change!

I've made an appointment to see someone about my confidence issues.

I've stopped drinking Coke at work. I know, it's nothing big, but to me it is, and for it my skin really is clearer, it's by no means clear, but I'm really happy with "clearer"!

I'm getting my craft mojo back, and have signed up for sewing classes!

There's things in my life making me happy too;

Steve and I are going really well at the moment, we're friends, I like it that way

My little sister is coming home!

It's my birthday on Sunday, my favorite day of the year!

The past 2 weekends I have spent some really great times with girls I went to school with. While we were all sitting around, chatting, eating Alis amazing food and drinking bubbles, I came to a few realisations;

My friends don't actually give a rats arse if I have a pimple on my chin, my hairs not brushed or I'm wearing tracksuit pants, the only thing that they care about in regards to my looks is that I'm smiling.

You can perceive people as having a perfect life, but usually they don't, well no more perfect than yours. I sat listening to my friends talking and it made me realise that we're all facing the same issues, well similar issues. We're all getting older, finding grey hairs or new wrinkles, we're all moving house, or have done so recently, if not just in the processes of thinking about it, we've all been doing our jobs for years and have periods of "is this right for me", some of have kids, the rest of us are either trying or hoping, we all wish we had more money and more time to be better friends, wives, daughters, sisters, employees, parents, whatever. Like my last post said, If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.

OK, most boring, "what the hell did she publish that for?" post, over, thank you if you made it this far!


  1. Ramblings sometimes make interesting stories just like this one..

  2. Bullshit! Best post! You know you're right! I am so glad to have you in my inner sanctum lover! You know you wouldn't be grabbing my public shitting issues back out of that pile for either love or money! hahah

  3. I am ubber glad that you are making changes that you think are going to help you. And so you know, I'm currently singing "Wind Beneath My Wings" for you, lover.

    I love my button on your blog. I also love how the lamb and goat look like they just had sex and we caught them. So inappropriately funny. And disturbing.

  4. Nice work in pouring your heart (and mind) out!! I bet you were able to breath more easily as you unloaded all these!

    Yeah, a lot of people are more problematic, so to speak. And the moment we knew it we'll be thankful cause we realize we're lucky enough.



Thank You XX