Wednesday, May 19, 2010

32 things Number 1. Take a sewing class and buy a sewing machine

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Number one, crossed off!
So let me tell you a story about a pathetic loser, let's call her, hmm, Jandy, yeah, we'll go with that!
I don't know if anyone will get this, but then again, maybe you'll all read it and think "I've been there!"
So yes, anyway, there I am, waiting out the front, totally stressing out, contemplating driving home. You see, I'm shy, sometimes painfully, I'm getting better, but I imagine that I would be probably the hardest person in the world to strike up a conversation with when you first meet me. Social situations are umm, not my cup of tea!
I'm sitting there, watching the clock, do I, don't I? Then I realised how embarrassed I'd have been to tell everyone that "I didn't make it - again!" so I toughened up, took my sweet little blue sewing machine inside and started my lesson!
The teacher, Catherine was lovely, and it was a small class, we had milo, it was exactly what I wanted! I didn't actually sew anything apart from a few little practice pieces, but now I have an idea of where to start, how to read a pattern (MUCH harder than you'd expect!) and I'm ready to start my first project, a pair of PJ's! I was also measured up, and found out I have a much more average body than I thought, (I had thought I was weird shaped!)
So not only did I cross off a 32 things, a big achievement in it's self, but I also faced one of my biggest fears, and felt on top of the world for doing it. Lame, I'm sure, to some, but I'm proud! Go me!


  1. I'm super proud of you my love!
    BUT! Don't EVER refer to yourself as a pathetic loser again!
    Well done, I know how much of a massive deal it would have been for you, you totally rock my socks! teehee!
    Love ya xx

  2. what no poject picture? i know what you mean I would have struggled to go in too but i'm super proud that you did

  3. I am proud of you honey
    I would have pulled out
    I am also painfully shy
    There's some great pregnancy exercise classes on around me and I am too scared to go.
    What if people think I am really fat? What if I look like a dickhead, etc etc etc

    Good girl for being your inner shy demon!

  4. Good for you Floss, it is all about taking baby steps. You will be the next famous designer/dress maker before you know it!
    Extremely proud of you and your ongoing achievements. Keep on striving for your goals, and creating those dreams.
    Love Nanxx

  5. ooh.. I am so like this. I sign up for things and never go. It's terrible. So maybe us hanging out would be boring. We'd be sitting in the car debating on going in anywhere. LOL!! :)

    But good for you for doing it!! I have my knitting supplies all ready..I'm just hesitating on starting a class.

  6. Awesome work Jands! You are soooo kick arse! When you get into these situations just remember how fucking great you will feel afterwards! A real sense of accomplishment! Also, imagine all the good times, friendships and opportunities that may pass you by if you don't take a deep breath and throw yourself in the deep end! Like beers on my deck!

    It's a fight and flight scenario lover! And I'm stoked that you decided to fight this round out... you're a real winner in my books!


Thank You XX