Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Buzzy!

My little sister is 21 today!

I can't believe shes 21 already, I can't believe she's only 21!

Bec is everything I wish I was, shes confident, shes hot, shes fun, she knows exactly who she is, shes strong, she doesn't take life too seriously, shes street smart (LOL buzzy!) shes an awesome travel partner, she has the world at her feet.

Shes having a dress up party on Saturday night, stay tuned for the pics, my costume is like the greatest costume you could ever imagine!

I hope you have the best day ever Buzzy, you deserve it!

(holiday posts are coming!)


  1. Happy B'day BUZZ!!!!
    Hope you have an awesome day you lil hottie!
    See ya Sat with your sexy cake ;)
    Love ya x

  2. It was my sisters bday yesterday. She's a little off the deep end right now but she's my sister so we still had a party. This was a cute tribute to your sis


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