Thursday, June 10, 2010

Usa trip 2! Day 2!


Resch girls know how to shop, our first days worth of shopping!
Statue of Liberty having a break in Central Park!

Our Buddy Roger

WTC coming along strong

The only Maccas in the world with a grand piano!

The New York skyline from Central Park

Our carriage ride

We started the day with yummy breakfast and headed off to the hop on- hop off bus for the downtown loop. We decided to get off in SoHo and headed straight to Jon Bon Jovis house! (The whole trip was because Mazz is a MASSIVE BJ fan, we were there to watch them at New Meadowlands stadium) and then shopped our little bums off before getting back on the bus to the WTC site, Buzz looked through Saint Pauls Cathedral, which holds a museum/tribute to 911. Iv'e seen it once and it's far too emotional to go through again, it seriously rips your heart out, you can't even begin to fathom that day. So I sat on a pew while Buzz looked around.

I was sooo excited to go to Century 21, a massive discount department store, and boy was I disappointed, Buzz called it a Chinese Op Shop, which wasn't far from the truth! Then we had lunch in the classiest McDonald's in the world, fresh flowers on each table, and a lady playing a grand piano. Yeah, you read that right!
Back on the bus to Central Park where Roger the horse took us on a carriage ride. Then back for more shopping!


  1. Man...I wish I could go shopping. Matt needs to start whoring himself or something so I can have the money to shop. ;)

  2. I totally want go shopping with you. Maybe that should go on my bucket list lol. Can't wait to see more!

  3. Yeah! FINALLY some trip blogs!! Super jealous I didn't come, but still a good read, more, more, more!

  4. Way to shop! Looks like you made out very well at good old Victoria's Secret!


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