Friday, June 18, 2010

USA trip 2 Day 3!

free hugs in Times Square

hahahaha, Buzz sat in pooh!

Mazz and Buzz chillin in Bryant Park

Mazz gets attacked by the Times Square dog

Me and Buzz and NYPD

another rickshaw ride!

Essex House (Brand and Angelina own the penthouse)

yellow cabs everywhere!

The Friends Fountain!

Liberty Walk, Central Park

The boathouse, Central Park

The horse that tried to kill us

Our awesome rider

In the back of the rickshaw

Strawberry Fields forever

The Dakota building

Firstly, if you're reading this, thank you so much for sticking around on the most sporadic blog ever! I've decide not to post about the hell that is my life at the moment and instead get back to the good times, my trip to the USA with the two greatest sisters anyone could hope for! Here's day 3!

We caught the hop on, hop off bus on the uptown loop. We saw the Dakota building where John Lennon lived and died, then got off at Central Park at Strawberry Fields. Then we walked around a little bit, before getting a rickshaw ride by a really cool dude, who rode around scaring us! we had a crazy horse that tried to kill us too! Mazz loves Friends and we found the fountain from the start and had some photos taken.
Back on the bus and we went past Essex house where Brangelina own the penthouse and finished off at Times Square (as usual!) where we had photos with NYPD and watched a concert by some army dudes. Mazz got attacked by the Times Square dog!!
We thought we'd give the subway a go and rather than ending up at our hotel we ended up in Bryant Park where we chilled for a bit, the Buzz sat in pooh!!! hahahaha!

Then we tried to catch a taxi but no one would take us so we caught another rickshaw ride from Times to our hotel.
We had tea back in Times, and free hugs! another shop (what a surprise!) and then the scariest ever rickshaw ride back to our hotel!
(blogger put my photos on in the wrong order and i don't have time to fix it!)

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  1. FUN!!! You could always move to the USA! :) You guys looked like you had a fab time!!


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