Wednesday, June 23, 2010

USA Trip 2 Day 4

We loved the subway, so we put a ring on it!
(yes, I'm well aware of the fact that I'm strange!)
Mary Poppins

Lets get back to the good times kids!

We called day four of our trip "disaster day"

Months before we left, I saw this awesome belt on Selective Potential and straight away put it on my NEED list! I had planned to get it the first day we landed in NYC, but there aren't quite as many Urban Outfitters stores as there are American Eagle or H & M! So I kept an eye out during our travels but never found one. We asked at the hotel and they gave us an address in Greenwich Village.

Off we go on the subway, get off at 14th and walk the wrong way! We walked for probably 15 blocks before we realised there was no Urban Outfitters! So we caught a cab back to the station and tried again, we walked for another hour before finally asking someone. We listened to the lady's instructions and started walking, realising that none of us really listened at all! After nearly 2 more hours of walking we finally found it! It was like finding water in the middle of the desert! We all jumped around excited, and ran inside! I found a belt rack, nup, not there, and another, nup, no luck there either, 2 more and still no luck! They had sold out of my belt that I had come all the way from Australia for! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! I nearly cried! To make matters worse, I checked online and it's still available, and half price, but the shipping costs to Aus are more than double the cost of the belt! (I'm still contemplating buying it, is that bad?!!).

Back on the subway and then back to the hotel to get changed. For my birthday Mazz had bought me Broadway tickets to see Mary Poppins, I was so excited as Mum and Emma had seen The Lion Kink on Broadway the first time they visited NYC and still raved about it! Mazz and I bought Buzz a ticket too for her birthday. Though we didn't buy it until we got there so she had to sit by herself.

The sets were amazing, we had awesome seats and the talent was mind blowing, but the story line, disappointing and oh so boring! I was doing the whole head nod thing, and fidgeting around in my seat so that I didn't fall asleep, all the time trying to hide it, after all, it was my birthday present to be there! Finally intermission came and Mazz turned to me and said "OMG this is so bad! I'm falling asleep, it's so boring! Do you like it?" "Noooooo Mazz, I was trying to hide my head nodding so you didn't get sad!" and we both laughed! We went and found Buzz and she looked really happy, having an awesome time, we asked her what she thought and she told us it was awesome, then we told her what we thought and a massive smile came across her face, "YAY, I hate it too, I just didn't want to offend you!"

We walked out! Yup, we left a Broadway play at intermission! We could not stop laughing as we walked out! I wont ruin the story line in case any of you decide to go (not recommended!!!) but it wasn't anything like the movie, and I LOVE the movie!

So another scary rickshaw ride back to the hotel and a stop off at the shop to get a heap of junk food to watch in front of crappy (read awesome!) American TV like Teen Mom and Jersey Shore reruns! Disaster day done!

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