Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where is Jandy?!

I've been a terrible blogger of late. Sporadic and vague posts, next to no comments on all your blogs.

Yet through all this I've even managed to gain a few new followers! Welcome, and thank you!

I have so much to say but unfortunately, as I've noticed many other bloggers have experienced, my blog has become a place where words are twisted. It makes me so sad because this was my outlet, I don't want to have to go private, one of the things I loved about my blog was how honest I could be, and how my honesty could connect me to like minded people. I'm disappointed that I can't just be me.

I'll try my best to rectify the situation in the not so distant future, but in the meantime, thanks for hanging around.


  1. oh's so hard when it gets that way. i hope you find a solution. xx

  2. oooh...I hate people. Not you, obviously. ;) I think you should continue on your blog just as you always do. If people have a reading comprehension problem, I have heard they have adult education classes. They should look into them. :)

  3. I'm not going anywhere my sunshine! You do what you have to for YOU!
    Love you always xoxo

  4. Arseholes! That's all I got! Arseholes!


Thank You XX