Friday, July 2, 2010

USA trip 2 Day 5

Bye Bye New York, miss you already

Taking silly photos in the back of Felix's car!

Today was our last day :( 5 days in NYC goes way too fast!

I had $600 USD left, so what else could I do but shop?!! Mazz and Buzz wanted to go to ESPN for lunch, but that took away my shopping time, so while they ate, I stocked up on make up (Hi, I'm Jandy and I am addicted to make up!) and shopped in Times Square, so much so that I had to buy a new suit case to get it all home!!! But by the time Mazz and Buzz had finished lunch I still hadn't spent all my money, luckily I found skirt that I had seen in Harlem but thought was a little too expensive, bought that and then it was time to try and pack before Felix picked us up!

Felix took us to the airport and Buzz and I had a shoulder massage and then a feet massage! Our flight was delayed, so, naturally, I shopped Duty Free and bought more make up! (I told you I was addicted!!). We had been hoping for a delayed flight (at the fault of Qantas, not us) so we couldn't connect to our LA flights, which would mean Qantas would have to put us up in LA for the night! Unfortunately that didn't happen, we ended up having to run to our flight, and then we were on our way home, our holiday over :(

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