Monday, August 30, 2010

Grateful for my Mummy

My awesome cousin Cara is doing a week of grateful status updates on FB, I thought I'd copy and post about what I'm grateful for here!

More than anything in this world, in grateful for my Mummy

I don't want this to be a "she's been through so much to get to where she is now" post (although she has!)

so here's a list of why my mummy rocks:

♥ She got a tattoo when she was 50!
♥ She eloped in Vegas
♥ For the past few months shes been an amazing help putting my house back together
♥ She's supportive, but not intrusive
♥ She's the one who passed down the gene of odd Resch humor
♥ She's deaf, but always smiles and nod's like she knows what your saying - when usually she doesn't!
♥ She's having an affair with the vacuum cleaner (haha, Mazz added that one! she seriously is having a     love affair with it though, she uses it EVERY DAY)
♥ She does an awesome drunk dance
♥ She cries with me when we watch Marley and Me
♥ She's "for dogs"!!
♥ She had 3 amazingly awesome girls, so she must be a bit of alright!

L♥ve you mummy xx


  1. Oh, and you forgot that she loves to get spangled up!!

  2. Aww that's an awesome post babe :)
    She is amazing, and a great Mum, a great support, and my second Mummy!! Love ya both ♥

  3. Dude! She is one amazing woman... especially to have raised a bunch of crazy bitches like you Resch sisters! What a god send!


Thank You XX