Friday, August 27, 2010

A poor excuse for a blog update!

Sooooo, It has been brought to my attention that I'm a lazy blogger! (Hi Ali!!)
To be honest, I haven't had a lot to blog about (that wouldn't either upset people or bore you to death!)
But, in the hope of not loosing any readers, I thought I'd do a photo post of a few things I've been doing the last couple of months....
I hope by now that you get my odd sense of humor, otherwise some of these pics are going to be just plain weird!

To begin the pictures, I'll start with some old pics of my sisters and I, when we take pictures together we like to play a game where we say a scenario then take the pictures accordingly.

Hmm, that doesn't make sense unless you see the pics, so lets let the pics tell the story....

Thats Buzz, Mazz and I, and we just "won Tattslotto!"

We're being chased by a lion here!

We're sad :(

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!

Back in June It was my little sister Buzzy's 21st, she had a dress up party and every one Got a letter, and had to dress up accordingly, this is Mazz, who is a Clown, Buzz, who is a hot little Buzzy Bee, me - I got B, so I'm a Bush!, and Bianca (The Bush Pig) who is a Celtics supporter!

The Clown and The Bush, after a few too many!
(how friggen funy is Mazz!!)

Sooo, the story of the Bush goes like this... all of Buzzys friends are around 21 (obviously!)
What does a 21 year old girl think when she hears "Costume party"??
"Yay, an excuse to dress like a slut!"
(sorry 21 year old's, I say it with love!)
I like to be weird (I KNOW! unbelievable right!)
so I decided to dress as the most random, unslutty thing I could,
so when I got "B" I got my self a green garbage bag, glued some DIY felt leaves to it,
teased my hair into a birds nest, chucked  some pretend birds into it,
and TA DA, I'm a Bush!

How gorgeous are we!

A couple of "normal" pics, for good messure!
This past weekend, I went to my bestie Ali's "step" daughter, Nickys debutant ball
Thats Me and Ali
no one told me I have Bert Newtons forehead :( man, It looks like I have a receding hairline :(
I so can't do "hot", I think I should stick to funny!

Thats Ali's Dad, Rob, the gorgeous Sammy (one of Ali's step daughters, who is amazingly awesome, amongst the many reasons is that she reads my blog! Love you Sammy! all three of Ali's step daughters rock, but unfortunately, I looked even more ugly in pics with them than I do in this one! So only Sammy gets to be famous this time!) and me,
That night I was a mix between Julia Gillard, a hot mess prostitute, Rizzo from Grease and Bert Newton
oh yeah, I had it going on

Nathan, me and Nicky
(not the Nicky who's deb it was! Ali's sister Nicky, who is virtually my sister too!)

Here we go! Me and Nickys Boyfriend Aaron, we're in a car accident
(ahh, and check it out, you could almost be mistaken to think I have boobies in this pic!!!)

Stuffing our faces with Oreos!

Being chased by a buffalo

And yay! We won Tattslotto!

I did warn you that I was "odd" did I not?
At least I know how to have fun!


  1. HAHA! These are awesome! :) So here's something- I have never been to a costume party. I know, right!!?? The last time I dressed up requiring a costume was Halloween..age 14. Yikes.

  2. your photos are so fun!!

    Great blog, we'll definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy.

    Happy Friday :) xx

  3. I love how many times that you have won Tattslotto this year, you are so lucky Floss!
    Let's get some pictures of us eating lemon slice and scones for your blog!

  4. Yeah!! A new blog :)
    Hahahaha....awesome pics, but ah one thing lovey, you so don't look bad like you say you did! You looked HOT and many people thought so!
    Love ya heaps sunshine xoxo

  5. it looks like you have been having some good laughs and that makes me happy for you!!

  6. Jill said - Your smoking in every pix Jands!!...the boobs one is a ripper....!!!

  7. Sam said: Yay a mention in the blog!! Feeling the love Jands! Ur photos from the deb are fantastic, loving the action shots with aaron, best part of the night!! You looked fabulous!! Love ya xxx


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