Sunday, August 8, 2010

Umm, shit!

OMG it's August 8th! I officially have 23 days to complete the remaining 17 things from my 32 things list! Thats more than half! Ahhh, so not happening! the old "32 things" has been put on the back burner a bit lately, you know with life taking over it's importance and all! I'm thinking of revamping it and making it a list of 33 things that I complete by my thirty third birthday in April next year. Theres a few things on that list that aren't really relevant anymore, so I might make a few changes. What do you think, is that cheating?!


  1. Nope- I don't think it's cheating, BUT it does mean you have to make the list for 33 even tougher. :P

  2. No way!! Do it! Look forward to seeing the revamped list!! Bring it on :)

  3. Sometimes life shifts and the things you want to get out of it change. Things you once valued don't serve you anymore and that's the time to rid yourself of them. You go girl!


Thank You XX