Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Being awesome instead!

OK, the pity party is over. I'm sorry! But sometimes it's just really therapeutic for me to get all that stuff out of my head and onto paper - or a computer screen!

And it really did that, I'm just sorry that you all have to suffer with it, well actually you don't really - you don't have to read it! But thank you if you did.

I've found my life moto, and I'm going to do my very best to use it every time I feel a little down,

So, in the wise words of Barney Stinson (How I met your mother) I now present to you my life moto:

"Whenever I start feeling sad, I just stop being sad and be awesome instead. True Story."

And in honour of my new found motto, I have decided to give you some reasons for why I am damn awesome!

♥ I'm stronger that I ever give myself credit for. Yeah, I was on the verge of a mental breakdown, have been a few times, yet I still make my self get up every day and do what I've got to do, I'm making progress in fixing the things that give me a breakdown, and I've realised that it's a work in progress, it wont happen over night, but it will happen!

♥ I caught a train all by my self! I know to some people, that's not something to be proud of, but to me, it's anxiety inducing! I haven't caught a train for probably 15 years, and the thoughts of where do I get the ticket, where do I park, how long will it take to get from Croydon to Glenferrie, will I have enough time to get out of my seat and to the door, then when I do manage to get off the train, how do I find the place I'm supposed to go to, and then, how do I catch the train home! (If you don't suffer from anxiety, you wont understand what a huge accomplishment this was!)

♥ I've been having counselling, I'm bettering myself, theres nothing really in this world to be prouder about.

♥ I'm about as unco as they come, but I've been rocking out at Zumba!

♥ There's 30 animals who rely on my feeding them, and my love, and I've never let them down yet.

♥ Like the the train thing, I've been conquering my fears - I caught up with a beautiful girl that I haven't had anything to do with since school and we've become great friends. I'm pretty good at catching up on Facey, but face to face, I'd usually avoid that like the plague (and have unfortunately lost a few friends by doing so). It all worked out for the best and now I have a beautiful new friend!

♥ I'm pretty damn funny! I'm a dork, no denying that, but, generally, I don't take my self too seriously, I can make funny faces in a photo, I can laugh if I fall over in the middle of the street, and I have no worries about sending stupid emails like "Spring is just around the corner" followed by a picture of a spring hiding behind a corner. haha, still cracks me up. I tell some awesome jokes too, like "where do you find a turtle with no legs?" "Where you left it!" hahahaha!

♥ I get everyone in the office cuppas, even though not everyone gets me one - I'm nice, what can I say!

♥ I write a blog that peeps actually read, that's pretty awesome in my book!

♥ I work bloody hard, even if I'm not always thanked for it.

♥ I may not have beautiful long hair or porcelin skin, but my hair that changes colour every 2 weeks and my pale, sensitive skin, are what makes me me!

♥ My car might be from last century, but I don't owe a cent on him, and he still gets me from A to B.

♥ I may not be loved by anyone in a romantic sense, but I am loved by lots of people, who love me because of, not despite my weird ways!

♥ I have arms, legs, eyes and ears that all work, that's something very awesome to someone who has one of those that don't work.

♥ I've been to America twice this year!

♥ I'm a good friend, I help my friends when I can, I always do my best to make sure they know I appreciate them, I'm a shoulder to cry on, and a partner in crime, a buddy to laugh with (and at some times too!) and I am all of my friends biggest supporter.

♥ I got a bonus at work, pretty much because I've improved my awesomness since my last review.

♥ I try my best, nobody can ask anymore than that.

♥ I'm the best person at being me!

 Wow, that was longer than I thought it would be! I am pretty awesome hey!


  1. this is wonderful. and love the motto!! might have to keep that one in mind

  2. That's a great list. I only wish I was cool enough to master Zumba!

  3. YOU GO GIRL!! Nothing better to bounce back from the last post to this belt of awesomeness!!
    Love it and Love you! Mwah xoxox

  4. made me smile jands, love reading your posts :-) I might have to 'borrow' your motto for a little while if that's ok, just until I find an alternative that's as good as that one. carls xoxo

  5. That's more like my "awesome" Floss!! And you didn't have to catch a train home by yourself in the end, Sir and Oma were there watching over the girl from Marvens!
    All as you can do is put your best foot forward and be YOU!

  6. Legend.... Wait for it........... Dary!

  7. Jill said....You totally ROCK it every time Jands!!! The greatest friend ever! Mwah xxoo


Thank You XX