Friday, September 3, 2010

Just to make Ali happy - and have something to read!

Wow, my being grateful week went awesome hey! haha! I'm grateful for a LOT, but I've had my cranky pants on this week - a combination of being tired and my awesome (read "shitty") life.

I'll try and do better next week ♥

(hmm, this post makes me think back to that quote about thinking people might actually give a shit about whether or not I write!)


  1. I care if you write! :) I miss my Jandy posts!

  2. I give a shit if you write, I miss the posts too!

    xxx Friend in the fridge.

  3. now go and donate those cranky pants to the salvo's!! We took enough from them back in the day, so pass them on and get back on the happy bus my friend. Love you!!!!!!!

  4. I totally care that you post you are my far away friend!

  5. hey I have several pairs of cranky pants in different are not alone !!

  6. Seeeeee!!!! We ALL love your posts!
    So....your challange this week is to post at least 2 "happy" or grateful posts....start the week on a high note baby! I know you can do it, and we are all wiating on some more Jandy bloggin!! Bring it on baby!!
    Love your guts to the moon and back!
    Mwwwaaaah xoxoxo

  7. You have your cranky pants on and I'm wearing my period undies! Haha sounds like you might have hit one of those shitty life speed bumps... Sending love your way... And lots of it. Another thing to be grateful for? Seeing me with a few other rad bitches for a weekend of madness in a couple of months.


Thank You XX