Sunday, October 3, 2010

32 things becomes 33!

September 2009, inspired by the blog Yes and Yes, I wrote a list of 32 things I wanted to achieve by September 2010. Well, it's October now! I didn't cross every thing off, but I did cross off more than half! (alright, so two more than half, but thats still more!) I'm going to write a new list, a list of 33 things I want to achieve, but I'm going to put a bit more thought into it this time! Here's a little recap of the things I did achieve...

1. Take a sewing class and buy a sewing machine
Sooo, technically, I can cross it off... I went to a sewing class and I did get a sewing machine, but in reality, I went to ONE class, and maybe used the machine for a whole 5 minutes, I didn't buy a machine either, though I was given one!

3. Buy some ruby red shoes
I can cross this one off without hesitation. Not only did I get myself a pair of ruby red shoes, I purchased them on Melrose in LA!
5. Join the Karma Army
I sent my application, and received my confirmation earlier in the year. I've tried to undertake some random acts of kindness, but could pick up my game a little. Learn about the Karma Army here.

7. Send a post card to PostSecret
I did, It wasn't published, but thats kind of a good thing! Never heard of PostSecret, visit it here.

8. Learn Yoga
I've only had two classes so far. If you've never tried it, I highly recommend it. The only way I can describe it is that you leave feeling relaxed yet energised, kind of like after you've had a massage.

9. Either dye my hair red or get extensions
I've been a "ranga" now for ages! I love it, but I think it's time for a change! I'm thinking, you might need to sit down for this, going back to my natural colour! I haven't had my natural colour since year 8, when I was 13! (I think it's dark, mousey blonde!)

10. Take a picnic to the moonlight cinema
Technically, I took a picnic to the moonlight cinema, it's just that the picnic wasn't eaten at the cinema, nor was a movie seen! We tried to go to the Moonlight Cinema in the Botanical Gardens for our anniversary this year, unfortunately, we relied on a satnav, and ended up eating our picnic on the beach!

13. Have a date with my sisters
Though I don't remember a lot of it, there is, unfortunately, a LOT of photo evidence! Looks like we had a great night!

14. Spend an afternoon laying in the grass at a park
I spent hours lying on cushions in the grass at Queens Park in Healesville, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, it was perfect. must spend more time doing that this spring and summer.

20. Help someone affected by the Black Saturday bush firesSteve was with our friends Lou Lou and Daveo in Glenburn on Black Saturday and had to help them literally save their house. In the aftermath we helped them with giving them a place to stay (they saved the house, but for about a week afterwards they had no electricity, their water was possibly contaminated from the ash ans smoke, and there were still fires burning in the area. We also helped them later when they had to move as an indirect result of the fires. Most importantly we were there as friends.

21. Cook dinner, including entree and dessert
For me, crossing this off was a big deal, I wasn't a cook in any way shape or form! I've improved now, out of getting sick of 2 minute noodles! I made soup (OK, reheated Steves mums vegie soup!), made homemade pizza, not the base, lets not get carried away! and made cup cakes and choc chip cookies for dessert. And, it was edible.. I know, right!

22. Fill up my memory card with fun photos
I've probably filled it 3 times over now with photos of friends and family and America x 2, our QLD road trip, pets, silly poses, etc, etc, etc!

23. See my favorite Hollywood places
I saw most on my list, during an unforgettable holiday to the US over New Years 2009/10.

26. Go on a road trip from Melbs to the Goldy.With visits to Karls and Rach thrown in for good measure
This one even I had doubts that I'd actually cross this off! But when Buzz decided to move up to the Goldcoast, it actually happened! We spent a (drunk) night and (hungover) morning with Karls in Nambucca Heads on our second night, but didn't get to see Rach, she was in bloody Melbourne! Oh, and we spent a strange, but funny night Goulburn that neither of us will ever forget! 

28. Have a counter meal in a country pub
Our hungover morning with Karls during the Melbs to the Goldy road trip ended in a delicious meal at the
V Wall Tavern.

29. Do a course on dealing with difficult customers.
The course was good, it was all common sense really, the train ride in was more of an achievement in my eyes!

31. Take a ride in a yellow cab in NYC
As soon as Mazz and I got into the cab I screamed with excitement! Being in New York City was already so, indescribably exciting, but this made me say "OMG we're in NEW YORK!"

32. Get a facial
This was the first one I crossed off. and this reminds me, I haven't had one since! Best do something about that!

4. Go to a drive in movie. I'll do this one day, but can't see my self having any one to go with in the next 12 months :(

11. Walk to the light house in Cape Woolamai.  I'll do this one day, maybe, but it's not something that I want to achieve by a certain date. Gotta get tuff with the new list ya know!

12. Take Thelma and Louise style photos with Kate, preferably in Laguna Beach.

15. Roller skate on St Kilda Beach foreshore. Don't even know why this made it to the list! I roller bladed with an ex in St Kilda years ago, it sucked!

17. Have a baby, or at least get pregnant.

The rest, some of which might make it on to 33 things, some might not;

Ride the Warburton Trail
Learn to play a song on guitar
Spend a whole day exploring the city
Go to the movies with Mum - or just spend a day with her
Do something to become more involved in my local community becoming a volunteer of some sort
Learn how to braid my own hair
Sleep under the starts
Learn how to change my own tyre
(I could have crossed them three things off in a weekend, that's slack Jandy!)
Go to high tea in the mountains somewhere.

Have you got any suggestions for what I could put on to my 33 things list? I want to challenge myself, but be realistic at the same time


  1. Good for you!!! I totally think you should add skydiving to your list. You will love it. ;)

  2. Well lovely, you did a bloody good job didn't you! Good luck with 33!
    Maybe I should write my own list of 27?

  3. Floss, we could go to the drive ins together one day, there is one near me. I won't pash on with you, but hey, we could tick the drive in one off your list!

  4. add "organise a resch reunion" with all my cousins. If you could pull that one off you would be amazing.

    Jandy, Emma, (& Bec), Nick, Sam, Mollie, Patrick and Cara in one room? Perhaps we could invite Mick & Mum (Susan) and your mummy? We could all bring something that reminds us we are 'Resch' and bring a picture of Gar... making a 'Resch Book'. I think Mum has some videos somewhere of them when they were little at the beach. Would be pretty cool... and we should be proud of our family heritage - the good & the bad.


Thank You XX