Thursday, October 21, 2010

The one with random stuff

So, here's whats going on in my world at the moment!

♥ Thank you so much for your lovely comments about yesterdays post, like Karlys post, they were very thought provoking.... It's funny, because I've decided to take on the "dress sense" compliment, but the hair one, I still can't fathom - I Hate my hair! Compliments are so amazing, they can really change your day.

♥ Yesterday some one asked if I was "starting a family"? I'm not, so in other words he thinks I'm fat! Guys, don't ever, ever ask a female if shes pregnant, not even if she's in labour - you just never know! I took it with a grain of salt really, until I got to the gym last night.....

♥ I've been rocking the gym for a few months now, I haven't seen a change at all, I'm not toned, I haven't lost weight and I don't have more energy - though I could probably walk further than I could before I started. I swear to God the mirrors at my gym are evil. I was actually feeling OK about my weight yesterday, despite the pregnancy question, until I saw my self in the mirror! Damn it! I wonder if they put fun house mirrors in there so you look bigger and want to work out more? If I owned a gym, the mirrors would make you look thinner, so you thought "Yay! This gym stuff actually works, I'm gonna keep coming then" because the fat mirrors make me think "why bother".

♥ Steve changed his Face Book status to "single" after a bit of a tiff last night. I wont go into that, but it got me thinking about airing your dirty laundry of Face Book. Lots of people think it's not the place, but I actually don't agree. No ones life is perfect all the time, sometimes (as bad as it sounds) it's refreshing to see that someones life isn't all roses and unicorns like you originally thought. I think that if it's acceptable to write something about getting a new job, or having a baby, finding the love of your life, whatever, why is it not acceptable to say something about the shit times you have too? As for the "single" status, it's no a big deal, we both changed our relationship status's months ago, I only mentioned it as an intro for my Face Book rant!

♥ After my sunburn, I'm now peeling, it's hot. Is there anything sexier than leaving a trail of dead skin behind you as you walk?!!

♥ My Piesey and her bubbas are doing great! Oh and sorry to Kate who all this time thought she was reading the blog of a 30 somethinger, only to read the line of "I became a Grandma" and get freaked out!

♥ I have an "uncomfortable" doctors appointment tonight - Aussies will know what I'm talking about there, I'm sure the rest will work it out! TMI?? It's been 4 years, ooops, that's far too long!

♥ Then I have an appointment at the hair dressers. I L♥VE having my hair done. I don't know if I should cut it into a bob, or just get a little trim? hmm, decisions decisions!

♥ Lastly, thank you so so much for coming by here to read my posts, I appreciate it wore than I can put into words xx


  1. You should do a bob! That would be adorable and definitely a change!

  2. Ooo I love the random post:) eww god luck with the "uncomfortable" appointment but I'm glad you are treating yourself to a haircut though you totally deserve it. I love getting my hair done too it's the only thing I do to pamper myself. And oh about the gym I am in the same boat I have increased to an hour a day five times a week for the last two months and haven't seen any change. I keep telling myself it's all going to hit at once and I'm gonna look fab lol.

  3. Yep. Totally agree on Facebook. :) From your most ranting crazy cuz :)


Thank You XX