Friday, November 12, 2010

The one where I save you from the stresses of not knowing what I've been up to

Yes, I'm still alive! Just busy (read lazy!)

I know it's been driving you all crazy, running to your computers every day to see if I've updated, only to find that I haven't!

Anygodyoucanspeakshitjandy, here's an update of what has been filling my days since my last post:

I went to watch my friend Mark play his grand final of wheel chair basket ball. Despite their loss it was an awesome, fast paced game, always heaps of fun to watch, if you ever get a chance, I highly recommend it.

My buddy Mark, number 25!

The Tornadoes in defence


Half time

When my beautiful bestie Ali learnt that I had never had a professional pedicure, she knew that had to change! I'm now sporting pretty pink toes and a huge smile, knowing that I have such an awesome friend.

October 29th was my step sister, Danniis wedding. She was an absolutely stunning bride when she married the very handsome Guy on a day blessed with perfect weather, lots of laughs and so much love. Guys out bursts of "how hot is my wife" put the icing on the very cute cup cake wedding cake! I heard some people spent the next day sporting the worst hangover of their lives, but I wouldn't know anything about that!

Issy the gorgeous flower girl and Jakey the cute as a button page boy
(Issy was my flower girl too!)
The stunning Bride Dannii and her proud as punch Dad, Dougie

Guy arrived in a Ferrari, and Buzz wasn't letting it go anywhere before she got a ride!

The cute cake topper

Guy and Danniis first dance

My weird family being, umm, normal - for them!

Target Catalogue poses (aka, same as above!)

Me and my Ma

ahh, that's where we get it from!

Jakey performed "I got a feeling" by BEP at his school concert a week earlier
We were all lucky enough to get a rendition!

Me and Buzzy
We may have had a few too many by now
and if you know where this picture is taken,
you'll not only be embarrassing me, but also yourself by revealing it!

My family changed "Melbourne Cup Day" to "Jandy Day" and took me to the Zoo! We ate like pigs (I'm talking pop corn, fairy floss, ice cream, chocolate and Maccas on the way there AND home!!), dodged rain, saw a monkey picking his bum and eating it and had the greatest day ever!I would have to have the Greatest family ever, and I love you all so much.

The peacock showing off

and again

Two kinda scary elephants

Buzzy and Issy with a nice elephant

The lovely monkey who then went on to pick his bum and eat it!

another monkey just checking things out

Issy and Jakey at the elephants

purdy butterflies

The new baby elephant

The two babies

Issy again

The zoo has random toilets with poo on top that you have to guess what
animal it comes from, oh yeah, we're all class here in Melbourne!

so, naturally, someone in my family has to pretend to be the owner of said poo!

My babies are nearly 4 weeks old and going strong, their eyes are open and they are learning to walk.

Piesey and Mini Pie

How cute is that!

aww, I woked him up!

Eco wanted to get in on the photo shoot too, cheeky bugger!

Spring has sprung here, not only do we have baby cats, we also have baby finches and 2 chooks are sitting on eggs, which should hatch any day! Speaking of the chooks, if you're local and would like some free free range eggs, let me know. The chooks lay eleventy twenty eggs a day, which is about eleventy and sixteen more than get used around here a day!

On Tuesday night I went to bed with a bit of a tooth ache, woke up Wednesday to half my face swollen, I was pretty hot, obviously! After a trip to the dentist I had one less tooth in my mouth and an even fatter face! Thursday morning I went to the chemist for antibiotics to try and dull the swelling down and slammed my finger in my car door! So I spent Thursday afternoon on the couch feeling pretty sore and sorry for my self, with a fat face and a fat, possibly broken finger!

Luckily the swelling has almost gone now - Katies here from Adelaide before she jets off to Europe with her lover Jo for the next 8 or 9 months, so some quality time is in order.

It's time to sign off, and thank you all for not leaving while I was a snob!

Have a beautiful weekend people xx


  1. Good lord- you are busy! And I have to say not only do I love your hair color but... you look AMAZING! You look like a totally different person, I never would have picked you in those pictures! :)

  2. YIPPPPPEEEE!! I was having withdrawals! Spewing we didn't take a pic of us getting your very FIRST pedicure though! Maybe that's a good enough excuse to get one before we go to QLD?? Teehee! Good to see you back blogging anyway my lovely! Love ya guts, ya spunky red head ;) xx


Thank You XX