Thursday, December 30, 2010

70, 71, nooo SEVENTY TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm having a shitty day (should be on holidays, nearly awesome time of the month, money, everyones getting married, having kids or travelling and I'm trapped in hell, the impending New Years Eve and New Year etc etc etc etc etc).

But then I logged on to my little world away from the real world, my little haven, my blanky, and discovered that I had two, yes TWO new followers within the last few hours!
I've been stuck on 70 for ever so long (well I got to 71, then lost someone), so I was so excited to see you both!

Superficial much Jandy?!! Meh, theres never too many friends!

Welcome new friends, I hope you enjoy dropping by here every so often. Any questions? Ask away :)

Oh and yes, I checked out both your blogs and LOVE them!


  1. Yay! There's nothing better than seeing that little number grow!

  2. Ill be your 73~

    Following your blog now, hope youll want to follow me too...


  3. Sucks that you're having a shitty day :( I love blogging to escape the real world too xx

  4. aww hope 2011 will be a spectacular year for you! and i am trapped in hell for this new year eve... ughhh another night at home..alone!

    happy new year ;)

  5. i get that same feeling when i get a new follower;)

    happy new year!!:)


Thank You XX