Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Eagles with my favorite people

Last night me and the family went to see The Eagles in Melbourne.

I grew up listening to The Eagles (amongst many, many others)

For as long as I can remember, Mazz and Ma's song has always been New Kid in Town
and as a family, we've taken great pride in screaming the words to Heartache Tonight at any given chance.

It was an awesome show. It amazes me that these people have had longer careers than Iv'e been alive, and they are still doing it, maybe not with as much energy, but no doubt with as much passion.

As awesome as it was, it was also bizzare. Mazz, Buzz and I were quite possibly the youngest people there, and the only ones that got out of our seats. I don't know if all the oldies were just sitting there reminissing about the old days, or maybe it was because of said old days that they no longer could rock, but it was dissapointing that the crowd didnt go off.

We joked about how in 20 years Mazz will be taking her girls to see Bon Jovi in equally geriatric scenes!

 Mummas boys
 Buzz and Mazz
 Ma's lovin it!
 sisters ♥
Me and Mazz

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