Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good riddance 2010, I'm not sorry to see the back of you

2010 sucked eggs for me. No denying that. But you've got to endure the crappy times to appreciate the good times right?! Actually, in all honesty, 2010 was probably built with equal parts crap and equal parts awesome.

Some of the things that made 2010 awesome;
We wont dwell on the crap, you all know about it. Instead, I'm going to spend my energy on making 2011 awesome, you'll see, it'll be the best ever, it's going to be MY year - and I'd love you to all join me. Who knows what it will bring, the only certainty is that I'll still be blogging, and hopefully, you'll be reading :)

And just quickly, I want to send out some ♥ to Kate of Camelshoes, shes having a shitty time of things at the moment, and no one deserves to feel shitty at Christmas time. Just know, Kate, that theres lots of us out here thinking of you and wishing we had the magic words to make it all better :) Now, go and eat some chocolate and drink too much wine woman!


  1. aw... you are so welcome! It seems like we've been friends for way longer than a year, doesn't it?? DANG! :) And I'm glad that despite the whorebagness of 2010 that you still are able to see all of the good things that were in teh year too. I'm hoping 2011 is WAY better to you. :)

  2. ROADTRIP!!!!!

    Goldie good times!

    Glad we could have a few catch ups this years.. Twenty Eleven is going to kick some serious arse girl! Bring it!!!


Thank You XX