Monday, December 6, 2010

JAM December 2010

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Just A Minute in December
(read, something to write!
Reading... A heap of crappy magazines on the plane. So I'm now fully up to date with the fact that there is going to be a royal wedding. All is good in the world!

Listening... To John Butler and Xavier Rudd, bit of Jack Johnson. I'm going through a "stage". But Bon Jovi and The Eagles are coming up in the next few weeks, so my tastes may evolve!

Watching... Friends, never really got into it when it was on TV but I'm addicted to this box set! Oh and summer TV, who doesn't love 5 nights of How I met your mother?!

Buying... Some bargains while up on the Goldy, but my shopping addiction! I have to go to Europe in 2011!

Loving... Christmas lights and decorations! (But wish I was seeing New Yorks again! They do it so much better in the States!)

Wanting... A new camera

Thinking... So little time, so much to do

Hoping... All my kittens find great homes

Hearting... This crazy sun, rain, sun, hot, thunder, hail, rain, thunder, cold, sun, hot, rain, all in one day weather Melbournes having at the moment!

Hating... Not being In NYC to watch the ball drop for NYE. This new years eve will be such.a.let.down

Planning... Either NYC, LA, Hawaii or London, Paris, Switzerland with Mazz in 2011

Excited... For Christmas!

Enjoying... Life, kinda, sorta


  1. Come to the states and make a pit stop to see me!! :) THAT's what you really should be planning my love!

  2. This is scuch a fun post and hey if you ever make it to Montana you have a friend here to visit


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