Saturday, December 4, 2010

The one with the first annual girls weekend on the Goldy

 Last weekend I flew up to the Gold Coast with 4 girls from high school, Ali, Mel, Joey and Fe. We were also lucky enough to have the pleasure of Karlys company, who drove 4 hours up to meet us all! Katie drove up from Byron Bay on the Friday night to spend the night with us as well, laugh about the old days (and maybe cringe a little too!) and catch up on all the years in between, it was a little reunion of the awesomest chicks to ever grace the bogan central, Pembroke Secondary College!

Mel had organised us the raddest penthouse in Broadbeach, with perfect views, and enough room for 6 girls, 6 suitcases, 6 straighteners, 6 make up bags, heaps of food and even more alcohol! We ate, we shopped, we laughed, some swam, some had massages, we all had an awesome weekend. Although we all drank heaps, we also ate heaps, so it wasn't the crazy weekend we all had anticipated, but then, we had all had pretty full on, crazy years, so I think we all just needed a relax. We learnt our lesson though, and wont be buying as much food next year!

 Friday started the only way a girls weekend can, 
with bubbles for breakfast at the airport
 Mel and me

 On the plane, bound for sunshine

 checking out the awesome penthouse

 The view from mine and Alis room

 not bad for 6 chicks from the eastern burbs of Melbourne

 Karls makes her arrival, in true Karly style

 Fe, the crazy fortune teller or deranged Ke$ha?

 Fe and Joey endure the longest.bus.ride.EVER

 Me and Ali, slowly going crazy

 Karls and Ali before we hit the town
(and came home 2 hours later! we're so hard core!)

Melski and Ali

This was supposed to be a Ke$ha pose, 
but I think I'm the only one that got the memo
That makes me look pretty cool doesn't it?!



  1. That looks like so much fun!!! What a gorgeous view, too! Lucky chick! ;)

  2. Awesome trip!! Some very sexy pics too - NOT! I'm looking far to amazing ppfft....ewwwe!
    Ah well, all in all great trip, great friends, and great times! Mwah x


Thank You XX