Sunday, December 5, 2010

The one with the inspirational blog

Serious Sally hat on for a bit kids.

You possibly have read on here that I lost my Dad when I was 3 to a drug overdose. I don't often tell people that, simply because of the image I imagine that they must conjure up in their heads, of a derelict, filthy homeless dude or something.

When someone dies of a drug overdose, it is a silent death. It's not like Cancer, where after the fact, people will talk of how brave the deceased person was, or a car accident, where talk of "such a shame" and "too soon" fills the room. It's a death where loved ones feel they can't speak of pride, or bravery, instead, it's just not spoken about at all.

My neighbour lost her son a few years back to a drug overdose, and she now writes a blog about the struggles of his "silent death". She writes about the charming, intelligent, loving son she knew and life with Kris's brother and sister and son after his death. It's an honest, heart wrenching, hilarious, thought provoking blog, and I highly recommend you drop by for a read.

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  1. Jandy I wasn't aware of how your Dad died. I hope you will take the courage now to validate his life and speak proudly of his death, there is no shame and never should be.
    I imagine he would be so proud of you and all that you achieve, no doubt he watches his little girl and sighs with relief that you do not have the battles that he contended with.
    Your stories are fantastic xx


Thank You XX